Selection of Latest Public Filings

This page provides a selection of recent public documents filed in each case. The list includes indictments, judgements, transcripts, as well as key decisions and orders but does not include motions, exhibits and other filings. Older documents which were subject to modification and translation may also be included. To access documents relevant to a particular case, go to The Cases.

ICTY Court Records
Online searchable database of the Tribunal's case documents. Contains more than 190,000 public records, ranging from arrest warrants, motions, exhibits, through to the final appeal judgement in every case.

Prlić et al. (en, 02/09/2014)Scheduling Order
Hadžić (en, 28/08/2014)Decision on Goran Hadzic's urgent motion for access to audio recordings in the Stanisic and Simatovic case
Stanišić & Simatović (en, 28/08/2014)Decision on Goran Hadzic's urgent motion for access to audio recordings in the Stanisic and Simatovic case
Hadžić (en, 28/08/2014)Decision on Defence Motion for Leave to Amend its Rule 65 ter Exhibit List
Hadžić (en, 28/08/2014)Decision on Defence Motion for Admission of Evidence of DGH-083 Pursuant to Rule 92 ter
Hadžić (en, 27/08/2014)Order to Redact the Public Transcript and the Public Broadcast of a Hearing
Hadžić (en, 26/08/2014)Decision on Defence Motion for Admission of Evidence of DGH-036 Pursuant to Rule 92 ter
Martić (fr, 08/10/2008)Arrêt
Prlić et al. (en, 22/08/2014)Decision on Defence Motions to extend time and/or exceed word limits for Appeal Briefs and Prosecution motion for extension of time to file respondent's Briefs
Karadžić (en, 22/08/2014)Decision on Request for Designation of Single Judge to Consider Appointment of Amicus Curiae Prosecutor to Investigate Contempt by Office of the Prosecutor
Karadžić (B/C/S, 28/04/2014)Odluka po zahtjevima tuzilastva u odnosu na pitanja vezana za dokaze
Karadžić (B/C/S, 16/01/2014)Odluka po osamdeset i cetvrtom zahtjevu u vezi s krsenjem obaveze objelodanjivanja
Karadžić (B/C/S, 10/10/2013)Odluka po zahtjevu optuzenog za izdavanje naloga za slobodan prolaz: Dragan Kijac
Mladić (en, 06/02/2013)Transcript dated 06-02-2013
Mladić (en, 05/02/2013)Transcript dated 05-02-2013
Mladić (fr, 06/02/2013)Compte-rendu d'audience du 06-02-2013
Mladić (fr, 05/02/2013)Compte-rendu d'audience du 05-02-2013
Mladić (en, 19/08/2014)Post-session redaction order
Kunarac et al. (fr, 13/09/2000)Compte-rendu d'audience du 13-09-2000
Hadžić (fr, 24/07/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 24-07-2014
Karadžić (en, 14/08/2014)Decision on Accused's Second Motion for New Trial for Disclosure Violations
Prlić et al. (en, 05/08/2014)Milivoj Petkovic's Notice of Appeal
Prlić et al. (B/C/S, 13/08/2014)Odluka
Prlić et al. (en, 04/08/2014)Notice of Appeal filed on behalf of Mr. Valentin Coric
Prlić et al. (en, 04/08/2014)Bruno Stojic's Notice of Appeal
Prlić et al. (en, 05/08/2014)Jadranko Prlic's Notice of Appeal
Mladić (en, 12/08/2014)Decision on Defence motion to amend witness list
Prlić et al. (en, 06/08/2014) Public Decision
Karadžić (en, 06/08/2014)Decision on Invitation from the Single Judge of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals