Courtroom Broadcast

The Tribunal has a policy of transparency and of making its proceedings as open as any court in the world.

All trials at the ICTY are open to the public and proceedings from the Tribunal's three courtrooms are broadcast on the internet in order for audiences across the globe to follow proceedings.

Sessions may be followed in English, French, as well as BCS (Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian). In those cases immediately relevant to Kosovo or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) proceedings are also available in Albanian and/or Macedonian.

Please note that you may be listening to the broadcast of simultaneous interpretation and not to the original, floor language.

Virtual Tour of Coutroom I

Judgements and initial appearances - when the accused faces the court for the first time - are broadcast live. All other sessions are broadcast with a 30-minute delay as part of system to correct any confidential information that any party may accidentally provide the court.

The Tribunal acknowledges that the broadcasts, that have been ongoing since 1995, could not have been possible without the work of the Domovina website and the ISP provider xs4all.

Ongoing proceedings can be viewed via the links available on the homepage.