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November Top
24 November 1995The Tribunal welcomes the parties' commitment to justice. Joint statement by the President and the Prosecutor.
16 November 1995Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic accused of genocide following the take-over of Srebrenica.
13 November 1995The Vice-President of Herceg-Bosna and five other prominent Bosnian Croats indicted for the ''Ethnic Cleansing'' of the Lasva Valley Area.
9 November 1995Three JNA officers from a Belgrade- based brigade charged with the mass killing of non-serb men forcibly removed from the Vukovar hospital
October Top
9 October 1995The Judges request that the International Tribunal be exempted of budgetary remains
4 October 1995First witnesses to give evidence in open court in the Nikolic case.
2 October 1995Appeals Chamber Judges unanimously confirm the Tribunal's jurisdiction.
2 October 1995Mr. Riad appointed at the Tribunal in replacement of Judge Abi-Saab.
September Top
26 September 1995Indictment amended, accused faces additional charges.
16 September 1995Joint statement by Justice Richard Goldstone, Prosecutor of the International Tribunal, and His Excellency Kresimir Zubak, President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
6 September 1995International Tribunal indicts a Croatian military regional commander.
August Top
15 August 1995Case no IT-94-I-T/defendant: Mr. Dusko Tadic. Defence files notice of appeal.
10 August 1995Case no IT-94-I-T/defendant: Mr. Dusko Tadic.
4 August 1995Tribunal requests all States for co-operation and judicial assistance.
July Top
25 July 1995Milan Martic, Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic indicted along with 21 other accused.
25 July 1995Case no IT-94-I-T/defendant: Mr. Dusko Tadic. Update 4.
10 July 1995Case no IT-94-I-T/defendant: Mr. Dusko Tadic . Update 3.
5 July 1995The International Tribunal announces "with a lot of sadness" the return to his home country of its Chief of investigations.
June Top
23 June 1995Case no IT-94-I-T/defendant : Mr. Dusko Tadic. Update 2.
21 June 1995Case no IT-94-I-T/defendant : Mr. Dusko Tadic. Update.
20 June 1995The second Annual Report of the International Tribunal states that it "will not flinch from its task".
April Top
24 April 1995The Judges will soon consider two applications for deferral in matters related to Bosnian Croats and the Bosnian Serb leadership.
March Top
28 March 1995Mrs. Terlingen appointed as coordinator of the Victims and Witnesses Unit.
February Top
13 February 1995The International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia charges 21 Serbs with atrocities committed inside and outside the Omarska death camp.
1 February 1995The Judges of the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia express their concern regarding the substance of their programme of judicial work for 1995.
January Top
27 January 1995Icty’s Prosecution Section In Place