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December Top
15 December 2006Ukrainian Deputy Minister Of Justice Visits Tribunal
15 December 2006President Pocar Address Before Security Council
15 December 2006The Prosecutor's Address to the Security Council
8 December 2006Vojislav Šešelj to resume taking food
6 December 2006Statement of Carla Del Ponte, Chief Prosecutor
November Top
30 November 2006Stanislav Galić sentenced to life imprisonment by Appeals Chamber for crimes committed during the siege of Sarajevo
30 November 2006Tribunal's grave concern about Šešelj actions which are seriously damaging his health
28 November 2006Blagoje Simić's appeal partly granted, sentence reduced to fifteen years
28 November 2006Domagoj Margetić Start of Contempt Trial
27 November 2006Vojislav Šešelj Assigned Counsel By Trial Chamber
24 November 2006Appeals Judgement For Blagoje Simić To Be Rendered
24 November 2006Blaškić Case Concluded
22 November 2006Detention unit video launched on ICTY website
17 November 2006Vladimir Kovacevic Case Referred To Serbia
14 November 2006Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina renders first judgement in a case transferred by the Tribunal
October Top
26 October 2006Appeals Chamber Affirms Decision To Join Cases Against Ante Gotovina, Ivan Èermak And Mladen Markaè
26 October 2006The Trial Chamber Grants Prosecution's Motion To Amend The Indictment In The Haradinaj Case
20 October 2006Appeals Chamber Reverses Decision to Assign Šešelj Defence Counsel
11 October 2006Domagoj Margetic Initial Appearance
9 October 2006Foreign Minister of Montenegro Visits Tribunal, Meets Prosecutor
9 October 2006President Pocar Addresses UN General Assembly 9 October 2006,
5 October 2006Miodrag Jokic Transferred to Denmark to Serve His Prison Sentence
3 October 2006Mitar Rasevic and Savo Todovic Transferred to Bosnia And Herzegovina
2 October 2006Trial chamber in ''Popovic and others'' case to conduct site visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina
September Top
27 September 2006Appeal by Marijacic and Rebic Dismissed
27 September 2006Momćilo Krajišnik Convicted of Crimes Against Humanity, Acquitted of Genocide and Complicity in Genocide
26 September 2006Vecernji List's Inaccurate Report on ICTY UN Detention Unit
26 September 2006Colloquium of International Prosecutors in The Hague on 6 and 7 October 2006
25 September 2006Judgement in Krajisnik Case to be Rendered
25 September 2006Trial Chamber in Milan Martic Case to Visit Locations of Alleged Crimes in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
22 September 2006Pasko Ljubicic Transferred to Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 September 2006ICRC Delegation visits ICTY Detention Unit
20 September 2006Pavle Strugar Case Concludes
18 September 2006Appeals Withdrawn in Pavle Strugar Case
14 September 2006Prime Minister Of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Visits Tribunal
11 September 2006U.S. Ambassador-At-Large for War Crimes Visits Tribunal
11 September 2006Domagoj Margetic Charged With Contempt Of The Tribunal
7 September 2006Prosecutor at OSCE Permanent Council Urging End to War Crime Impunity Gap
5 September 2006Rašević and Todović Case Referred to Bosnia and Herzegovina
1 September 2006Haradin Bala Granted Temporary Provisional Release
August Top
30 August 2006Josip Jovic Found Guilty for Contempt
23 August 2006Josip Jovic Contempt Case Judgement on 30 August 2006
21 August 2006Vojislav Seselj Assigned Counsel by Trial Chamber
4 August 2006Trials Against 24 Accused To Continue After Summer Recess
July Top
14 July 2006Provisional Releases Granted During Summer Recess
13 July 2006Ad Litem Judge Sworn in
12 July 2006Contempt Charges Dropped Against Branko Djeric
11 July 2006Popovic et al. 'Srebrenica' Trial to Begin on 14 July 2006
7 July 2006Prosecutor to Attend Srebrenica Ceremony
6 July 2006Milutinovic ET AL. Trial to Begin on 10 July 2006
5 July 2006Pasko Ljubicic Case Referred to Bosnia and Herzegovina
3 July 2006Josip Jović contempt trial rescheduled
3 July 2006Ad Litem Judge Sworn in
3 July 2006Arrest Warrant Suspended Against Branko Djeric
June Top
30 June 2006Naser Oric Convicted
27 June 2006Two AD LITEM Judges Sworn in
27 June 2006Trial Chamber Orders Arrest of Former Bosnian Serb Premier for Contempt
23 June 2006Dragan Nikolic Transferred to Serve Sentence in Italy
12 June 2006Prlic et Al. Case: Trial Chamber III Returns from On-site Visit to Bosnia And Herzegovina
10 June 2006Dragan Zelenovic in Tribunal Custody
9 June 2006Dragan Zelenovic in Bosnia and Herzegovina
9 June 2006Internal report into Milan Babic's Death Concludes no Criminal Conduct
9 June 2006Dario Kordic and Zoran Zigic Transferred to Austria to Serve their Prison Sentences
7 June 2006President Pocar Updates Security Council on Tribunal's Mission and Completion Strategy
7 June 2006Tribunal's Prosecutor Addresses Security Council on Completion Strategy Progress
7 June 2006Dragan Zelenovic in Bosnia and Herzegovina
May Top
31 May 2006Release of Internal Report Into Slobodan Milosevic's Death
31 May 2006Macedonian Foreign Affairs Minister Visits Detention Unit
31 May 2006ICTY Plenary Discusses Ways to Expedite Court Proceedings
17 May 2006Slovenian Minister for Foreign Affairs Visits Tribunal
15 May 2006Tribunal Welcomes Independent Audit of its Detention Unit
15 May 2006President Pocar Arrives On A Working Visit To Sarajevo
12 May 2006Tribunal President Promotes Regional Partnership at OSCE Seminar
9 May 2006Zeljko Mejakic, Momcilo Gruban, Dusan Fustar and Dusko Knezevic transferred to Bosnia and Herzegovina
8 May 2006Ivica Rajic Sentenced to 12 Years' Imprisonment
5 May 2006Blagoje Simić Granted Temporary Provisional Release
3 May 2006Appeals Chamber Confirms Sentences Against Mladen Naletilic and Vinko Martinovic
April Top
26 April 2006A Donation of 306 Computers departs for Bosnia and Herzegovina
25 April 2006Ad Litem Judge Sworn in
24 April 2006Trial in the Prlic et al. Case to Begin on 26 April 2006
21 April 2006Haradin Bala Granted Temporary Provisional Release
12 April 2006Decision Rendered on Referral of the Pasko Ljubicic Case under Rule 11 Bis
12 April 2006Vladimir Kovacevic Declared Unfit to Stand Trial
7 April 2006Two Ad Litem Judges Sworn in
7 April 2006Diplomatic Seminar Held at the ICTY
7 April 2006Appeals Chamber Upholds Decision to Refer the Mejakic et al. Case to Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 April 2006Pavle Strugar Returns to the UN Detention Unit
5 April 2006Tribunal Welcomes Final Independent Dutch Inquest Results Concerning Death of Slobodan Milosevic
March Top
31 March 2006Tribunal President Welcomes Support for Bosnia and Herzegovina's Judicial Institutions
31 March 2006Swedish Government Accepts Tribunal Request to Audit the Detention Unit
31 March 2006French Minister of Justice Visits Tribunal
23 March 2006Tribunal and the Czech Republic sign Agreement for the loan of Prison Staff to the Tribunal
22 March 2006Appeals Chamber Confirms Milomir Stakic's Conviction
20 March 2006Appeals Chamber to Deliver Judgement against Milomir Stakic
17 March 2006Update from the President on the Death of Slobodan Milosevic
16 March 2006Trial Chamber lifts Confidentiality of Materials in Milosevic Case to Assist Inquiries
15 March 2006Trial Chamber to Examine Making Public Confidential Documents in Milosevic Case
15 March 2006Tribunal Convicts Enver Hadzihasanovic and Amir Kubura
13 March 2006Judgement in the Hadzihasanovic and Kubura Case will be Rendered on Wednesday
12 March 2006Preliminary Autopsy Results of Slobodan Milosevic
11 March 2006Slobodan Milosevic Found Dead in His Cell at the Detention Unit
11 March 2006Statement by the ICTY Prosecutor
10 March 2006Ivica Marijacic and Markica Rebic Found Guilty of Contempt
10 March 2006Appeals Chamber Modifies the Conditions of Ramush Haradinaj's Provisional Release
8 March 2006Appeals Chamber Reduces Momir Nikolic’s Sentence
8 March 2006Trial Chamber to Deliver Judgement in The Contempt Case against Ivica Marijacic and Markica Rebic
7 March 2006Appeals Chamber to Deliver Judgement against Momir Nikolic
6 March 2006Milan Babic Found Dead in Detention Unit
1 March 2006Security Council Amends Tribunal Statute
February Top
21 February 2006Milan Lukic in Tribunal Custody
January Top
30 January 2006"Foca 1992" Tribunal Representatives and Victims Speak in Belgrade about Crimes in Foca
24 January 2006Tribunal Lifts Protective Measures Regarding Stjepan Mesic
13 January 2006Ivica Marijacic and Markica Rebic Contempt Trial to Begin 17 January 2006