Tribunal Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

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1 Thursday, 3 October 2002

2 [Status Conference]

3 [Open session]

4 [The accused entered court]

5 --- Upon commencing at 4.30 p.m.

6 JUDGE POCAR: This Status Conference is called to order. Good

7 afternoon to everybody.

8 Madam Registrar, can you call the case, please.

9 THE REGISTRAR: Good afternoon, Your Honour. Case number

10 IT-95-14-A. Thank you. The Prosecutor versus Tihomir Blaskic. Thank

11 you.

12 JUDGE POCAR: Thank you. May I call for the appearances. For the

13 Prosecutor.

14 MR. FARRELL: Thank you, Your Honour. For the Prosecution is

15 myself, Norman Farrell. With me is Ms. Sonja Boelaert-Suominen, and the

16 case manager Ms. Nicola Bonfield. Thank you.

17 JUDGE POCAR: Thank you. For Mr. Blaskic. I understand there is

18 a phone link with the counsel.

19 MR. HAYMAN: Good afternoon, Your Honour. Russell Hayman and

20 Andrew Paley appearing by phone on behalf of General Blaskic.

21 JUDGE POCAR: Thank you. I don't hear you very well, but -- the

22 voice is very weak, but still I could get you.

23 Now, Mr. Blaskic, do you hear me? Can you follow the conference?

24 Is everything okay with the translation?

25 THE APPELLANT: [Interpretation] Good afternoon, Your Honour. I

Page 43

1 can hear you very well. Everything is going well with the translation.

2 Yes, I can follow this conference.

3 JUDGE POCAR: Thank you very much. So I note that the last Status

4 Conference took place on the 3rd of June, 2002, so slightly more than 120

5 days. We are coming 120 days later. I hope this will not be a matter of

6 concern.

7 The Status Conference, as it is known, has the purpose to allow

8 the appellant first, pending the appeal, the opportunity to raise issues

9 in relation to the appeal, including his condition of detention.

10 May I ask the counsel for the appellant if there is any concern

11 concerning the detention conditions of the accused.

12 MR. HAYMAN: Your Honour, this is Mr. Hayman. I would ask the

13 Court to invite General Blaskic to address it directly as to the

14 conditions of his confinement.

15 JUDGE POCAR: Thank you, Mr. Hayman.

16 Mr. Blaskic, do you have any concern about your conditions of

17 detention you would like to raise in this Status Conference?

18 THE APPELLANT: [Interpretation] Thank you, Your Honour. I have no

19 questions or concerns regarding the conditions that I'm living in. These

20 conditions are in accordance with the Statute of this Tribunal, and I am

21 treated professionally and fairly by the staff.

22 JUDGE POCAR: Thank you, Mr. Blaskic.

23 Now, let's -- if there are no problems concerning the detention of

24 the appellant, I would like to come to the status of this appeal.

25 As the parties know, the Appeals Chamber had to analyse the new

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1 evidence submitted by the appellant by three motions, with three motions.

2 I can tell the parties that the Chamber is in the final stage of its

3 analysis of the evidence and will soon, very soon, be in a position to

4 inform the parties of the outcome of this exercise. The motions

5 submitted, voluminous evidence, and it took some time for the Appeals

6 Chamber to analyse it in full detail, but that process of analysis is

7 almost finished and almost over, and I can say that soon the Appeals

8 Chamber will make known its position on the new evidence.

9 Apart from this -- from the question of the new evidence, there

10 are a number of pending motions still. All of them require a decision by

11 the full Bench, so I can here in the Status Conference only inform the

12 parties that the submissions are being carefully considered, and the

13 decision will come up as soon as possible on these motions.

14 Well, have the parties any queries about the status of the appeal?

15 Prosecutor?

16 MR. FARRELL: None at this stage, Your Honour. Thank you.

17 JUDGE POCAR: Thank you. May I ask counsel for the appellant if

18 there is any issue you would like to raise at this moment. Mr. Hayman?

19 MR. HAYMAN: Thank you, Your Honour. There are no issues we wish

20 to raise. Of course if there is to be a hearing that would require our

21 attendance this fall in The Hague, we would welcome the opportunity to

22 coordinate with your staff to identify a date or time period that would be

23 suitable for us to attend such a hearing.

24 JUDGE POCAR: Yes, Mr. Hayman, of course. If the Appeals Chamber

25 would have to schedule in the fall a hearing, the parties will be informed

Page 45

1 in advance and any arrangement will be made to accommodate the possibility

2 for the parties and for you yourself to attend the meeting and to prepare

3 properly.

4 MR. HAYMAN: Thank you, Your Honour.

5 JUDGE POCAR: Well, at this stage if the parties don't have

6 anything else to raise, I think we may adjourn this Status Conference. In

7 a short time, I repeat, the parties will be informed of the outcome of the

8 analysis of the new evidence by the Appeals Chamber.

9 The Status Conference stands adjourned.

10 -- Whereupon the Status Conference was adjourned

11 at 4.40 p.m.