Tribunal Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

Page 67

1 Tuesday, 10 July 2001

2 [Open Session]

3 [Status Conference]

4 [The accused present]

5 --- Upon commencing 3.36 p.m.

6 JUDGE MAY: Could I ask you both if there are any matters you want

7 to raise in relation to the detention or conditions of the accused which

8 we have to review now?

9 MR. PAVICH: No, Your Honour.

10 MR. BRASHICH: No, Your Honour.

11 JUDGE MAY: Thank you. Very well. As I said, we will consider

12 these motions and give our decisions in writing. We will fix another date

13 for the next hearing which will be, I anticipate, towards the beginning of

14 September. There will be meetings with the senior legal officer.

15 [Trial Chamber and legal officer confer]

16 JUDGE MAY: I am reminded that in fact the Status Conference has

17 been timetabled for the 5th of September, so this matter is adjourned

18 until the 5th of September. There will, as I say, be meetings with the

19 senior legal officer and the parties. If there are any other matters

20 which require the Court's attention, then we will order a further hearing.

21 --- Whereupon the Status Conference adjourned at

22 3.38 p.m.