Editor's note

This Judicial Supplement to the Bulletin of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has been prepared, reviewed and edited by the Public Information Unit on behalf of the ICTY’s Registry, which has sole responsibility for the publication hereof.
It is issued solely for informational purposes, is intended for use only for such purposes and is without legal or precedential effect.
The contents hereof are not official, and the Tribunal’s Chambers and its Judges have not been involved
in any aspect of the preparation, review or publication of this Judicial Supplement.

With three Judgements (five convictions and one acquittal), various Interlocutory Decisions before the Appeals Chamber, four on-going trials involving nine accused before the Trial Chambers and six other cases (with a total number of 13 accused) at pre-trial stage, the ICTY Chambers will issue an ever-increasing number of orders, warrants decisions and judgements. A total of 650 of these were issued in 1998.

The Tribunal has the duty to ensure that the legal community -academics and practitioners world-wide- are kept abreast of its judicial development. This is the purpose of the Judicial Supplement to the ICTY Bulletin. We are confident that the new publication will satisfy a desire frequently expressed by the professional observers of the ICTY’s judicial work: the close monitoring of the examination by the Tribunal’s Judges of procedural and substantial issues raised during proceedings initiated against individuals allegedly responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law.

The Judicial Supplement will be issued on the 15th day of every month in English and French, the Tribunal’s two official languages.

It will consist of summaries of ICTY jurisprudence as of 1 January 1999. The summaries will focus exclusively on the legal issues under consideration, and the full text of the materials summarised will be available on request at the Public Information Unit and on the ICTY’s Internet Home page.

With a view to catching up on some of the judicial developments in the latter part of 1998, in this first issue, we have decided to summarise a Bureau Decision (the Celebici case, 4 September), an Appeals Chamber Decision (the Tadic case, 15 October) and two Judgements rendered by the Trial Chambers (the Celebici case, 16 November and the Furundzija case, 10 December).

The amendments to the basic legal documents, such as the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, will also be systematically published after their adoption by the Judges at their Plenary Session. This first Judicial Supplement begins with a presentation of the amendments adopted at the Plenary held on 3 and 4 December 1998.

The Public Information Unit, which is already preparing the second issue of the Judicial Supplement, looks forward to receiving your comments or suggestions.