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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 15th Dec 2004

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing

note that this is not a verbatim transcript of the Press Briefing.
It is merely a summary.

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing

Date: 15.12.2004

Time: 12.15

Registry and Chambers:

Jim Landale, Spokesman for Registry and Chambers,
made the following statement:

Good afternoon,

This week, a delegation of the Bosnia and Herzegovina
State Court is conducting a working visit to the Tribunal. The visit,
which was requested by the BH State Court, has been organized by
the ICTY's Office of the Prosecutor and the Registry's Outreach
Programme and is assisted by the United States Department of Justice
Overseas Prosecutorial Development Assistance and Training and the
Open Society Fund in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the visit, BH State Court representatives have been given
presentations by members of the Tribunal's Prosecution, Chambers
and Registry and have followed court proceedings. This working visit
forms part of the ICTY's ongoing efforts to assist in the capacity
building of local judiciaries.

This week Outreach is also hosting a documentary
crew from the Forum for South Eastern Europe, an NGO aimed at expanding
the democratic values in politics and economics of South Eastern
Europe. As part of their ‘Arena’ series, which is shown in
Serbia and Montenegro, they are producing a documentary on the work
of the Tribunal. The Forum crew is interviewing a number of senior
staff and will produce a 50-minute programme they plan to air next
week on Radio Television Serbia (RTS).

As last Friday was Human Rights Day, Alex Milenov,
the Registry Liaison Officer for Serbia and Montenegro, took part
in roundtable in Belgrade organized by the Youth Initiative for
Human Rights. The event was also attended by the OSCE and US Ambassadors
to Serbia and Montenegro, as well as the Spokesperson and Registrar
of the War Crimes Chamber of the Belgrade District Court. Copies
of the speech given by Alex Milenov are available on request.

In terms of the court schedule:

In The Prosecutor v. Dario Kordic and Mario
, the Appeals Chamber will render its judgement on Appeal
on 17 December 2004 at 12.30 p.m. in Courtroom I.

There will be a status conference in The Prosecutor
v. Milan Babic
on 17 December at 4.30 p.m. in Courtroom II.

This Friday is the last court day before the recess.
Trials resume on Monday 10 January.

A few dates for your 2005 calendar:

The Judgement in The Prosecutor v. Blagojevic
and Jokic
will be rendered on Monday 17 January 2005 at 1130

The trial of Sefer Halilovic is expected to commence
on Monday 24 January 2005.

As this will be the last scheduled briefing before
the recess I wish you all a very happy festive season and look forward
to seeing you again in the New Year. We will inform you of the precise
date and time of the next press briefing in the New Year.

Office of the Prosecutor:

Florence Hartmann for the Office of the Prosecutor
made no statement.


A journalist pointed out that the deadline set out by the Security
Council for the Prosecution to conclude their investigations by
the end of 2004 was fast approaching. Asked, whether or not, any
new indictments would be issued by the end of the year, Hartmann
said that the prosecution would submit for confirmation all its
last indictments before the end of the month. Due to the court recess,
she did not know when the indictments would be confirmed, but that
she did not expect any new indictments before January.

Hartmann added that there would not be any updates from the
Office of the Prosecutor and according to the rules, from the press
office until the indictments were formally issued or unsealed, which
would mean the public would know about the indictments only when
the accused were transferred.

Landale added that the Tribunal would follow exactly the same
procedure that was always followed regarding new indictments. Once
an indictment was confirmed, if it was public, then it would be
made public. Otherwise, it was not made public, he said. Also, Landale
reiterated not to expect a big announcement on New Year’s Eve.

Asked if the number of individuals related to the indictment
the OTP was going to ask for confirmation would be disclosed, Hartmann
answered no and referred journalists to the last update in the speech
that was given by the Prosecutor before the Security Council on
23 November 2004.

Asked if there was any confirmation on the transfer of Vinko
Pandurevic, Landale stated that he had no comment.

Hartmann added that whenever someone was transferred and physically
in the Detention Unit, the Tribunal would inform the public. Hartmann
said that Vinko Pandurevic, among other indictees from the Srebrencia
(Vujadin Popovic, Ljubomir Borovcanin, and Dragan Nikolic), was
awaited by the Tribunal to be joined with Ljubomir Beara, currently
in detention, for one trial in The Hague. All of the fugitives related
to the same case were expected to be transferred as soon as possible
to The Hague, she said.

Asked if a decision was expected on the prosecution’s motion
to admit additional evidence in the Kordic and Cerkez case, Hartmann
replied that the motion was ongoing and that she would not comment.


The Prosecutor v Slobodan Milosevic

14 December 2004 – Decision. 2pgs

The Prosecutor v. Vojislav Seselj

10 December 2004 – Order on Submission No. 58.

9 December 2004 – Decision on Motion for Disqualification
of the Appeals Chamber. 8pgs

9 December 2004 – Decision on the Accused’s Submission
Number 60 and 61 for Request for Leave to Reply and for Extension
of Time to Reply. 3pgs

1 December 2004 – Submission no. 61. 2pgs

30 November 2004 – Submission no. 60. 2pgs

28 October 2004 – Prosecution’s Pre-Trial Brief.

The Prosecutor v. Momcilo Krajisnik

14 December 2004 – Report Under Rule 15bis
(C) by Judge Orie. 8pgs

The Prosecutor v. Jadranko Prlic et al

14 December 2004 – The Accused Valentin Coric’s
Motion Requesting a Separate Trial. 6pgs

14 December 2004 – Berislav Pusic’s Preliminary
Motion on the Flaws in the Form of the Indictment Rule 72a (II).

14 December 2004 – The Accused Berislav Pusic’s
Motion Requesting a Separate Trial. 7pgs

The Prosecutor v. Sojan Zupljanin

1 December 2004 – Order Lifting the Confidentiality
of Warrants of Arrest. 3pgs

The Prosecutor v. Naser Oric

14 December 2004 – Urgent – Defence Motion to Exclude
Exhibits Pursuant to Rules 89 and 95. 6pgs

The Prosecutor v. Radoslav Brdjanin

13 December 2004 – Motion to Strike or Otherwise
Set Aside "Corrigendum to Judgement". 2pgs

The Prosecutor v. Jovica Stanisic and Franko

14 December 2004 – Defence Report to the Trial
Chamber on the Activities of Certain Persons After the Taking of
the Decision on Provisional Release of Franko Simatovic. 5pgs

The Prosecutor v. Milan Milutinovic et al

14 December 2004 – General Ojdanic’s Fourth Application
for Provisional Release. 9pgs

The Prosecutor v. Momir Nikolic

9 December 2004 – Decision on Motion for Leave
to Supplement Conformed and Supplemented Motion to Admit Additional
Evidence. 2pgs

9 December 2004 – Decision on Motion to Admit Additional
Evidence. 13pgs