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The ICTY President grants Damir Došen’s request for early release

Press Release
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The Hague, 13 March 2003
    J.L. / P.I.S. / 737e


On Friday 28 February 2003, the President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Judge Claude Jorda, granted an early release to Damir Došen.

Damir Došen was sentenced on 13 November 2001 to 5 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to one count of persecution, a crime against humanity, committed at the Keraterm Camp (see Press Release 635e). On 10 May 2002, he was transferred to Austria to serve his sentence (see Press Release 674e). Under Austrian law, he became eligible for early release on 25 February 2003, provided that the Tribunal’s President authorises such release pursuant to the Enforcement Agreement between the United Nations and Austria of 23 July 1999.

The President’s Order was based on submissions made by the Austrian authorities, including the recommendation of the Director of the Graz-Karlau penitentiary. In addition, the President had an interview with Damir Došen on 12 February 2003.

In delivering the Order, the President took into consideration the gravity of the crime for which Damir Došen was sentenced, the genuine remorse he expressed on various occasions, his cooperation with the Office of the Prosecutor, his exemplary behaviour during detention, his attachment to his family and the possibility for him to find employment.

The Order was delivered after consultations with the Bureau and the Judges of the  Trial Chamber, which rendered the Judgement of 13 November 2001.

Damir Došen is the fifth person convicted by the Tribunal to have served their sentences (Dražen Erdemović, Zlatko Aleksovski, Dragan Kolundžija and Milojica Kos).

Nine convicted persons are currently serving their sentences (Duško Sikirica, Drago Josipović, Vladimir Šantić, Stevan Todoroviđ, Anto Furundžija, Duško Tadić, Dragoljub Kunarac, Radomir Kovač and Zoran Vukoviđ). Two accused who have been convicted and sentenced are awaiting transfer to a state to serve their sentences (Goran Jelisić and Milan Simić).



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