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Provisional Release granted to three Accused



Press Release
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The Hague, 10 December 2007

CVO/MOW/ PR1201e

Three persons standing trial at the Tribunal, Milan Gvero, Radivoje Miletić and Milan Milutinović were on 7 December granted temporary provisional release to take place during the court's upcoming winter recess.

The Trial Chamber in the Popović et al. case ruled to grant Radivoje Miletić and Milan Gvero provisional release, under certain terms and conditions, to return to the Republic of Serbia.  Radivoje Miletić is granted provisional release from 15 December 2007 until 7 January 2008 and Milan Gvero from 16 December 2007 until 8 January 2008.

          The accused were high ranking military officials of the Bosnian Serb Army (VRS) and charged with crimes committed against Bosnian Muslims in the Srebrenica and Žepa enclaves in the summer of 1995. The trial commenced on 14 July 2006. The prosecution is ordered to close its case-in-chief no later than 1 February 2008.
Following any 98bis submissions, the pre-defence conference will be held on 22 May 2008, with the defence case commencing on 2 June 2008.

The Trial Chamber in the Milutinović et al. case granted the request by Milan Milutinović for temporary release on humanitarian grounds and under certain terms and conditions to Belgrade from 17 December 2007 to 2 January 2008.

The accused is former President of Serbia and former member of the Supreme Defence Council of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He is charged with crimes allegedly committed in the territory of Kosovo in 1999. The trial against him and his co-accused commenced on 10 July 2006 with the prosecution completing its case-in-chief on 1 May 2007. The defence commenced its case on
6 August 2007 and is scheduled to conclude in early 2008.

The full text of these decisions can be found on the Tribunal's website at:




Courtroom proceedings can be followed on the Tribunal's website www.un.org/icty.