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Weekly Press Briefing - 04 February 2010

Date:  04.02.2010
Time: 13:00

Registry and Chambers:

Nerma Jelačić, Spokesperson for Registry and Chambers, made the following statement:

Good afternoon,

The Tribunal today welcomed a visit of Reverend Jesse Jackson as part of a wider European Tour. He met with President Patrick Robinson and Vice-President O-Gon Kwon, Registrar John Hocking and representatives of the Office of the Prosecutor. Rev. Jackson is one of America’s foremost civil rights activists. Over the past thirty years, he has played a pivotal role in movements for empowerment, peace, civil rights, gender equality, and economic and social justice. His support for the work of the Tribunal over the past years is highly appreciated.

On to the developments in the courtrooms and the upcoming schedule:

In the case of Radovan Karadžić, the Trial Chamber ordered a hearing to be held on Monday, 15 February at 9:30 in Courtroom III at which representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy and Iran are to appear to be heard regarding a number of documents sought by the Accused.

In the case of Popović and others, the Trial Chamber granted on Tuesday, 26 January the Prosecution’s motion to reopen its case for the purpose of entering two documents into evidence. Closing arguments in the case were heard between 2 and 15 September 2009. The date of the judgement has not been scheduled yet.

On Wednesday 27 January, the Defence rested its case in the trial of Gotovina and others. Proceedings will resume on Wednesday, 24 February at 14:15 in Courtroom I for the purpose of hearing Chamber witnesses. The Trial Chamber will call a total of seven witnesses.

In regards to proceedings in the case of Momčilo Perišić, the trial adjourned last Friday until further notice. The last Prosecution witness in the case was called on Monday, 25 January. The start of the Defence case has yet to be determined.

Hearings in the case of Vojislav Šešelj will resume on Tuesday, 16 February at 9:00 in Courtroom III.

In the case of Prlić and others, hearings will resume this coming Monday at 14:15 in Courtroom III. The Chamber is currently hearing the defence case for Milivoj Petković and it has been announced that the Accused will be the last witness to testify in his own case on Thursday, 11 February. Once his case concludes, two further Defence cases will remain to be heard: that of Valentin Corić and Berislav Pušić.

Proceedings in the trials of Jovica Stanišić and Franko Simatović, Vlastimir Ðorđević as well as Mićo Stanišić and Stojan Župljanin continue this week and next as scheduled.

Office of the Prosecutor:

Olga Kavran, Spokesperson for the Office of the Prosecutor, made no statement.


No questions were asked.