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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 25th May 2005

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing

Please note that this
is not a verbatim transcript of the Press
Briefing. It is merely a summary.

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing

Date: 25.05.2005

Time: 12.15

Registry and Chambers:

Jim Landale, Spokesman for Registry and
Chambers, made the following statement:

Good afternoon,

I can inform you that
this week, the President of the Tribunal,
Judge Theodor Meron, will be submitting
his six-monthly written assessments and
report to the Security Council in New
York, pursuant to Security Council resolution
1534, as well the assessment by the Prosecutor.
In his report, President Meron will set
out in detail the progress made towards
the implementation of the Tribunal’s completion
strategy. President Meron is then scheduled
to address the Security Council on 13
June to further discuss the completion

On behalf of the Outreach

As you will have noted
from our press release on Monday, over
the weekend the ICTY’s Outreach Programme
in cooperation with the Helsinki Committee
for Human Rights in Republika Srpska held
a conference in Srebrenica, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, entitled "ICTY Cases in
Relation to War Crimes Committed in Srebrenica

The conference enabled
the Tribunal to provide those most affected
by the crimes, the local community, with
a detailed and comprehensive picture of
the Tribunal’s activities in relation
to the serious violations of international
humanitarian law that were committed in
the area of Srebrenica during the 1992-1995
armed conflict. The audience comprised
members of victims’ associations, municipal
authorities, judicial institutions and
law enforcement agencies, as well as local
politicians and civil society representatives.

Reactions of the conference
audience highlighted the need to persist
with efforts to bring to justice perpetrators
of all crimes, regardless of the nationality
of the victims or the perpetrators. ICTY
representatives reiterated the Tribunal’s
preparedness to continue to do all it
can to assist domestic authorities in
bringing further prosecutions.

The conferen ce was
the fourth in a series entitled "Bridging
the Gap Between the ICTY and Communities
in Bosnia and Herzegovina
" in which
the Tribunal deals directly with the immediate
communities most affected by the crimes
at the heart of ICTY cases. Previous events
have been held in Brcko, Foca and Konjic.

This series of events
is generously supported by the "Neighbourhood
Programme" of the Danish Ministry of Foreign

In the Oric case, Trial
Chamber II yesterday ordered that:

The Office of the Prosecutor ("Prosecution")
shall close its case no later than Wednesday
1 June 2005;

The Trial Chamber shall immediately
move to apply the procedure set forth
by Rule 98bis of the Rules pursuant
to which:

The Defence shall have the opportunity
to present its oral submissions on Thursday
2 June 2005; and

The Prosecution shall thereafter have
the opportunity to present its oral
submissions on Friday 3 June 2005.

There will be status
conferences in The Prosecutor v. Vojislav
on 30 May at 2.15 p.m. in Courtroom
II; in The Prosecutor v. Cermak and
on 1 June at 8 a.m. in Courtroom
II (accused not required to be present);
and in The Prosecutor v. Stanisic and
on 3 June at 3 p.m. in Courtroom
I (the accused are not required to be

Finally, most of you
should have received an invitation from
us for a small drinks reception in this
very room at 5.30 p.m. on Friday to acknowledge
all the support given by Domovina and
xs4all for the broadcast of proceedings
on the Tribunal’s website. We look forward
to seeing you then.

Office of the Prosecutor:

Florence Hartmann, Spokesperson
for the Office of the Prosecutor, made
the following statement:

The Chief Prosecutor,
Ms. Carla Del Ponte is planning a working
visit to the Balkans before her address
to the UN Security Council on June 13,
2005. As with the President she will be
submitting this week her written report
to the UN Security Council.

On June 2, Ms. Del Ponte will be in Belgrade.
She will be meeting with President Marovic,
President Tadic and Prime Minister Kostunica,
as well as Minister Rasim Ljajic, President
of the National Council for Cooperation.

Later in the afternoon on June 2, Ms.
Del Ponte will reach Zagreb and meet with
Prime Minister Sanader. Mr. Sanader and
Ms. Del Ponte had agreed during their
last meeting in Luxembourg at the end
of April that they should meet again soon
and have a joint press conference.

On June 3, Ms. Del Ponte will be in Sarajevo.
She will meet with the High Representative,
Lord Paddy Ashdown, and with the NATO
and EUFOR commanders.

There have been various inaccurate comments
coming from Macedonia in the last days.
I wish to emphasize that Ms. Del Ponte
made no statement referring to Macedonian
cases or their deferral. Instead the OTP
has notified the Court of its intention
to start a process in order to return
the cases back taking into consideration
Security Council resolutions 1503 and

As explained in our submission to the
Court, "...With respect to the remaining
investigations, none of the alleged perpetrators
reached the level of responsibility required
for an indictment to be issued in the
event there was sufficient evidence to
link them to the crimes committed

Furthermore, as mentioned in the OTP
submission: On 25 April 2005, members
of the OTP met with a high-level delegation
from the Republic of Macedonia to formally
advise them of the outcome of the OTP’s
investigations. Further meetings will
take place in order to prepare and organize
the efficient transfer of the cases.

There were no questions.

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