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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 25 February 2009

Date:  25.02.2009
Time: 12:00

Registry and Chambers:

Nerma Jelačić, Spokesperson for Registry and Chambers, made the following statement:

Good afternoon,

The Tribunal is back to business as usual after yesterday’s power failure caused by problems within the external supplier’s power grid.

As to the courtroom schedule:

Tomorrow, Trial Chamber III will render its Judgement in the Milutinović and others case. It will be the first Judgement handed down by the Tribunal for crimes alleged to have been perpetrated by Serbian forces against Kosovo Albanians during the 1999 conflict in Kosovo. The case involves six senior political, military and police officials who were all former associates of Slobodan Milošević. The crimes the accused are charged with include the deportation and forcible transfer of several hundred thousand people, as well as the murder and persecutions of thousands of Kosovo Albanians. The Judgement will be rendered at 14:15 in Courtroom I and will be broadcast live.

A Status Conference in the trial of Zdravko Tolimir will be held on Friday afternoon at 14:15 in Courtroom I.

Today’s hearing in the trial of Vojislav Šešelj was adjourned until further notice after witness VS-1029 was unable to come to the Tribunal to testify. The date of the next hearing will be notified in due course.

Hearings in the trial of Momčilo Perišić resume on Monday 2 March in Courtroom II at 14:15.

The trials for Gotovina and others, Prlić and others, Popović and others, Lukić and Lukić and Vlastimir Ðorđevic will continue for the remainder of this week and next as scheduled.

Office of the Prosecutor:

Olga Kavran, Spokesperson for the Office of the Prosecutor, was not present.

No questions were asked.