Case No. IT-95-14-R

Prosecutor v. Tihomir Blaskic



NOTING the Statute of the Tribunal ("Statute") as adopted by the Security Council under Resolution 827 (1993), and in particular Article 21 thereof;

NOTING the Rules of Procedure and Evidence as adopted by the Tribunal on 11 February 1994, as subsequently amended ("Rules"), and in particular Rule 44 thereof;

NOTING the Code of Professional Conduct for Counsel Appearing Before the International Tribunal (IT/125 REV.1) ("Code of Conduct");

NOTING the Prosecution’s "Confidential Request for Review or Reconsideration" ("Confidential Request") dated 29 July 2005, wherein the Prosecution requested pursuant to Article 26 of the Statute and Rule 119 of the Rules, the review of the Appeal Judgment imposed on Tihomir Blaskic ("Accused") on 29 July 2004 or, in the alternative, the re-consideration of a Decision taken by the Appeals Chamber and the resultant finding in the Appeal Judgment;

NOTING that the power of attorney executed by the Accused on behalf of Ante Nobilo has not been revoked by the Accused;

CONSIDERING that on 7 September 2005, the Accused retained the law firm of McDermott, Will & Emery LLP to appear on his behalf as co-counsel in case IT-95-14-R and filed a power of attorney pursuant to Rule 44 of the Rules;

CONSIDERING that in a statement dated 27 March 2006, the Accused confirms that Mr Hoyt Sze, attorney-at-law from the United States, in his capacity as a partner with the law firm of McDermott, Will & Emery LLP, is authorized to act as a co-counsel for the Accused in case IT-95-14-R;

NOTING that the Accused has not revoked the authorization granted to Mr Russell Hayman to act as a representative of McDermott, Will & Emery LLP in case IT-95-14-R;

CONSIDERING that Mr Sze fulfills the qualification requirements for admission as counsel pursuant to Rule 44 of the Rules;

NOTING Mr Sze’s obligations under the Statute, the Rules (in particular Rule 44(C)) and the Code of Conduct;

HEREBY DECIDES pursuant to Rule 44 of the Rules, to admit Mr Sze to represent the Accused before the International Tribunal in case IT-95-14-R.


John Hocking
Deputy Registrar

Dated this 31st day of March 2006,
At The Hague,
The Netherlands.