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1 Thursday, 26 August 2004

2 [Status Conference]

3 [Open session]

4 [The appellant entered court]

5 --- Upon commencing at 2.00 p.m.

6 JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA: Good afternoon. The Registrar, could you

7 please read the case.

8 THE REGISTRAR: Good afternoon. The case Miroslav Deronjic -- the

9 Prosecutor against Miroslav Deronjic, case reference IT-02-61-A.

10 JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA: The appearances, please, for the accused.

11 MR. ZECEVIC: Good afternoon, Your Honour. My name is Slobodan

12 Zecevic. I am counsel for Mr. Deronjic.

13 JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA: Thank you very much.

14 Mr. Deronjic, can you understand me?

15 THE APPELLANT: [Interpretation] Yes, I can understand you

16 completely, Your Excellency.

17 JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA: The appearances for the Prosecution,

18 please.

19 MR. McKEON: Yes, Your Honour. Mark McKeon, acting senior appeals

20 counsel for the Prosecution. With me at counsel table is appeal counsel

21 Barbara Goy as well as our case manager Lourdes Galicia.

22 JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA: Thank you very much. I know counsel for

23 the appellant contacted the Court to know if he had to be prepared for the

24 Status Conference. The Status Conference is for you and your client to

25 raise issues you might deem necessary for the Judges to know. So the

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1 floor is yours.

2 MR. ZECEVIC: We understand, Your Honour. We just wanted to make

3 sure that we'd be of assistance to the Trial Chamber, or to you, Your

4 Honour, as a Pre-Appeal Judge, if there is anything on the agenda which

5 the Trial Chamber or you yourself wanted to raise, any issues.

6 We, as the Defence and our client, we don't have any issues

7 whatsoever. Thank you very much.

8 JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA: Thank you very much.

9 The Prosecution, do you want to raise any issue?

10 MR. McKEON: No, Your Honour. There's nothing that we want to

11 raise today.

12 JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA: Thank you very much. Then it will be a

13 very short Status Conference. I understand that the Prosecution has to

14 respond to the brief of appeal, and -- yes?

15 MR. McKEON: Nothing, Your Honour. I was just going to respond

16 that we are preparing our response to that.

17 JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA: And I understand that counsel for the

18 appellant is planning to make some presentation in the near future.

19 MR. ZECEVIC: Yes, Your Honour.

20 JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA: So we will wait for these documents and

21 then we'll set a date for the hearing.

22 And thank you to you all; the conference is adjourned.

23 --- Whereupon the Status Conference adjourned

24 at 2.04 p.m.