Tribunal Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

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 1                           Thursday, 8 November 2012

 2                           [Open session]

 3                           [The accused entered court]

 4                           --- Upon commencing at 9.00 a.m.

 5             JUDGE DELVOIE:  Good morning to everyone in and around the

 6     courtroom.

 7             Mr. Registrar, could you call the case, please.

 8             THE REGISTRAR:  Good morning, Your Honours.  This is case number

 9     IT-04-75-T, the Prosecutor versus Goran Hadzic.  Thank you.

10             JUDGE DELVOIE:  Thank you.  May we have the appearances starting

11     with the Prosecution, please.

12             MR. STRINGER:  Good morning, Mr. President and Your Honours,

13     Douglas Stringer, Matthew Olmsted, and Thomas Laugel for the Prosecution.

14             JUDGE DELVOIE:  For the Defence, please, Mr. Zivanovic.

15             MR. ZIVANOVIC:  Good morning, Your Honours.  For Defence of

16     Goran Hadzic, Zoran Zivanovic and Christopher Gosnell.  Thank you.

17             JUDGE DELVOIE:  Thank you very much.  If there is nothing else,

18     we should go -- we should go into closed session.

19                           [Closed session]

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15                           [Open session]

16             THE REGISTRAR:  We're in open session, Your Honours.  Thank you.

17             JUDGE DELVOIE:  Thank you.  Mr. Stringer.

18             MR. STRINGER:  Thank you, Mr. President.  Just looking ahead into

19     next week's proceedings, we've been informed that the Chamber will not be

20     sitting on Thursday and Friday of next week.  Looking and doing the

21     addition in terms of the anticipated time necessary to complete the next

22     witness, who is GH-015, it appears quite likely that we would be unable

23     to complete that witness's testimony by the end of the court session

24     Tuesday afternoon next week.  That witness has been granted -- the

25     Defence have been granted five hours for cross-examination of that


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 1     witness.  And we're concerned that now that we're not sitting on Thursday

 2     and Friday of next week, that witness would be required to essentially

 3     stay here in The Hague on his own for four days, which I think would be

 4     quite an inconvenience.

 5             The Prosecution would propose that if it's possible, if the

 6     arrangements can be made, if Your Honours would be willing, if we could

 7     sit on Wednesday next week in order to make sure that we finish GH-015.

 8     And then we're aware that each member of the Chamber is very busy working

 9     on some other matters at the moment, and if we could sit on Wednesday,

10     then possibly not working Thursday and Friday would compensate for that

11     and Your Honours would be able to take on some of their other work during

12     that time.  And so that's -- the proposal would be to substitute or to

13     pick up additional time on Wednesday to finish GH-015 so that we can send

14     him home.

15             JUDGE DELVOIE:  For the record, it's perhaps good to state that

16     the non-sitting on Thursday and Friday next week is something that is

17     completely out of the hands of the Trial Chamber.

18             Now, then, I looked into the scheduling.  There still is 021

19     before -- unless I'm wrong, before 015.

20             MR. STRINGER:  Mr. President, 021, we informed the Chamber last

21     week --

22             JUDGE DELVOIE:  Oh, yes.  Okay, okay.

23             MR. STRINGER:  He's been moved down to the 19th.  So the only

24     thing after the -- the current witness is GH-016, and the only thing

25     after that is 015.

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 1             JUDGE DELVOIE:  The next one is 015.  Sorry about that.  Indeed,

 2     you told us that and we know that 021 will not come next week.

 3             I noted that for this witness we will indeed go into the biggest

 4     part of our Monday hearing.  Even if I take into account that the OTP

 5     used all its time for this witness and theoretically hasn't any time left

 6     for redirect, what would you ask for as a matter of courtesy to the OTP,

 7     Mr. Olmsted?

 8             MR. OLMSTED:  Well, at this early stage it's hard to predict, but

 9     I --

10             JUDGE DELVOIE:  Okay.  You don't know for the moment.

11             MR. OLMSTED:  Yes, thank you.

12             JUDGE DELVOIE:  But you will --

13             MR. OLMSTED:  Absolutely.  I'll minimise it as much as possible.

14             JUDGE DELVOIE:  Okay, thank you.  So then we are somewhere at the

15     end of Monday's session.  For 015 we have --

16             MR. STRINGER:  Just to recap, Mr. President, the time estimated

17     for the examination-in-chief for GH-015 is 1.5 hours, with then 5 hours

18     for cross.

19             JUDGE DELVOIE:  One and a half, yes.  With five hours for cross?

20     Yeah, something -- yeah.  A little bit less on my schedule, but that

21     doesn't change a lot.  So indeed, probably we will -- it will be rather

22     tight to finish 015 within the Tuesday session, and we will arrange for

23     the Wednesday.  We already checked with the registry.  It is possible to

24     sit on Wednesday morning, and we sit on Wednesday morning the time needed

25     to end Witness 015's testimony.

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 1             MR. STRINGER:  Thank you very much, Your Honours.  That is very

 2     much appreciated.

 3             JUDGE DELVOIE:  Does that suit the Defence as well?

 4             MR. ZIVANOVIC:  Yes, Your Honour.

 5             JUDGE DELVOIE:  Thank you very much.  If that's all, court is

 6     adjourned.

 7                           --- Whereupon the hearing adjourned at 1.56 p.m.,

 8                           to be reconvened on Friday, the 9th day of

 9                           November, 2012, at 9.00 a.m.