Case: IT-98-30/1-A


Before: Pre-Appeal Judge, Judge David Hunt

Registrar: Mr Hans Holthuis

Decision of: 27 September 2002



Miroslav KVOCKA
Milojica KOS
Mladjo RADIC
Dragoljub PRCAC




Counsel for the Prosecutor:

Ms Susan L Somers for the Prosecutor

Counsel for the Defence:

Mr Slobodan Stojanovic for Zoran Zigic


I, Judge David Hunt, Pre-Appeal Judge,

NOTING Zoran Zigicís "Motion to SsicC Extension of Time for Filling the Appeal on Registrarís Decision Dated 08/07/2002", dated 12 September 2002 but filed on 18 September 2002, where Zigic requested, inter alia, to be given access to notes taken by the Registry in the course of meetings held between the Registry and himself;

NOTING the pre-appeal "Decision on Appellant Request for Extension of Time", filed on 19 September 2002;

BEING SEISED OF Zigicís "Notification", filed on 26 September 2002, whereby he again seeks to be granted access to the same internal records of the Registry;

CONSIDERING that the present "notification" may be regarded as a motion placed before the pre-appeal Judge;

CONSIDERING that Zigic has failed to demonstrate a basis for access to internal records of the Registry;

CONSIDERING that he now has, in a language which he understands, all the material which is before the Appeals Chamber;

CONSIDERING that, in the event that any further material is placed by the Registry before the Appeals Chamber in connection with this appeal, he will receive copy of that material in a language which he understands;

HEREBY DENY the motion.


Done in English and French, the English text being authoritative.

Dated this 27th day of September 2002,
At The Hague,
The Netherlands.

David Hunt
Pre-Appeal Judge

[Seal of the Tribunal]