Tribunal Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

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 1                          Wednesday, 10 November 2004

 2                          [Status Conference]

 3                          [Open session]

 4                          [The appellants entered court]

 5                          --- Upon commencing at 10.02 a.m.

 6            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  Good morning.  The representative for the

 7    Registry, could you please read the case.

 8            THE REGISTRAR:  Good morning, Your Honour.  This is Case Number

 9    IT-98-30/1-A, the Prosecutor versus Miroslav Kvocka, Mladjo Radic, Zoran

10    Zigic, and Dragoljub Prcac.

11            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  Thank you.

12            The appearances for the appellants, please.  Well, I understand

13    that for Mr. Kvocka, Mr. Simic is on the phone.

14            MR. SIMIC: [Interpretation] Yes, good morning, Your Honour.  I

15    hear you well.  And thank you for allowing me to attend this conference by

16    telephone link.

17            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  Not at all.  Thank you.  And now for the

18    other accused -- now for the other appellants, sorry.  For Mr. Radic.

19            MR. FILA: [Interpretation] Your Honour, my name is Toma Fila, I

20    appear for Mr. Radic.  Thank you.

21            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  Mr. Radic, can you understand -- listen

22    and understand in the language you know?

23            THE APPELLANT RADIC: [No interpretation]

24            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  For Mr. Zigic.

25            MR. STOJANOVIC: [Interpretation] Good morning, Your Honour.  I am

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 1    attorney Slobodan Stojanovic from Belgrade and I appear for

 2    Mr. Zoran Zigic.  Thank you.

 3            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  Mr. Zigic, can you follow us?

 4            THE APPELLANT ZIGIC:  Yes, I do, Your Honour.

 5            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  And for Mr. Prcac.

 6            MR. RODIC:  [Interpretation] Good morning, Your Honour.  I am

 7    Goran Rodic an attorney-at-law from Podgorica, and today I appear

 8    for Dragoljub Prcac.

 9            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  Thank you, Mr. Prcac.  Can you understand

10    and listen to us?

11            THE APPELLANT PRCAC:  Yes, I can.

12            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  And appearance for the Prosecution,

13    please.

14            MS. BRADY:  Good morning.  Good morning, Your Honour.  Helen Brady

15    appearing on behalf of the Prosecution and with me, our case manager

16    Lourdes Galicia.

17            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  Thank you very much.

18            There is one matter I want to raise before you ask, and this is

19    the date of the delivery of the judgement.  When we had the last hearing,

20    the Presiding Judge said that there would be a judgement within this year.

21    I have been now asked by the Bench to inform you that the judgement will

22    be delivered in February 2005.  If possible, as early -- earlier in --

23    during February and not later.  But this is now -- you can count on having

24    the judgement in February.  So, having said that I will give the floor to

25    the appellants first if they want to raise any issues.

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 1            Mr. Simic, who is on the phone, is there any matter you want to

 2    raise?

 3            MR. SIMIC: [Interpretation] Thank you, Your Honour.  The Defence

 4    of Mr. Kvocka has no issues to raise.  And we are awaiting the judgement.

 5    Thank you.

 6            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  Thank you, Mr. Simic.

 7            Now, for the other appellants, is there any of you who wants to

 8    raise any matter?

 9            And the appellants, have they any concerns they want to raise

10    themselves?  I take this for a no -- Ms. Brady?

11            MS. BRADY:  No, Your Honour.

12            THE APPELLANT RADIC:  [Interpretation] I apologise, Your Honour.

13    I see that the judgement will be in February 2005.  I have been accused of

14    some crimes before this court and the Tribunal says I have the right to a

15    fair, efficient, and speedy trial.  If this is so, then I must be living

16    in another world.  I don't know the difference of fast and slow.  Can

17    somebody tell me what a slow trial is.  That's all I want to say.

18            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  Mr. Stojanovic.

19            MR. STOJANOVIC: [Interpretation] It seems to me that there are

20    various accused in this trial with completely different interests.  I

21    understand Mr. Radic and Mr. Prcac even more so.  But it's up to me to

22    defend the interests of Mr. Zigic.  As far as his case is concerned, I

23    feel that February is speedy and efficient, bearing in mind the numerous

24    counts of the indictment, the numerous arguments that have been put

25    forward and the large amount of evidence and the -- Mr. Hawking [phoen]

Page 745

 1    was even involved in this case.  So that in our view, February is not a

 2    long time.  It doesn't represent a great delay and it is in our interest

 3    to have the case dealt with comprehensively.  We spent a long time waiting

 4    for the trial, and it would be a great pity if something were overlooked

 5    in the final deliberations.  Let me reiterate.  This case is full of many

 6    details and very complex legal issues.  Thank you.

 7            JUDGE WEINBERG DE ROCA:  Thank you, Mr. Stojanovic.

 8            Any other interventions?  Well, then this Status Conference is

 9    adjourned.

10                          ---Whereupon the Status Conference

11                          adjourned at 10.09 a.m.