Tribunal Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

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1 Thursday, 22nd May 1997

2 (10.00 am)

3 JUDGE KARIBI WHYTE: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

4 COUNSEL: Good morning, your Honour.

5 JUDGE KARIBI WHYTE: Can we have the appearances please?

6 MR. OSTBERG: Thank you, your Honour. I am Eric Ostberg.

7 I am here today with Mr. Giuliano Turone, Ms. Teresa

8 McHenry and Ms. Elles van Dusschoten. Thank you.

9 JUDGE KARIBI WHYTE: Can we have the defence appearances?

10 MS. RESIDOVIC (in interpretation): Good morning, your

11 Honours. My name is Edina Residovic, attorney from

12 Sarejvo, defence counsel for Mr. Zejnil Delalic, together

13 with my colleague, Eugene O'Sullivan, Professor of

14 Criminal Law from Canada.

15 MR. OLUJIC: Good morning, your Honours. My name is Zeljko

16 Olujic, attorney from Zagreb, defence counsel for Mr.

17 Zdravko Mucic. Together with me as co-counsel is

18 Mr. Michael Greaves, attorney from London.

19 MR. KARABDIC (in interpretation): My name is Salih Karabdic,

20 attorney from Sarajevo, defence counsel for the accused

21 Mr. Hazim Delic. With me in the team is Mr. Thomas

22 Moran, attorney from Houston, Texas.

23 MS. McMURREY: Good morning, your Honour. My name is

24 Cynthia McMurrey and I am here representing Esad

25 Landzo. Also with me is the Honourable Judge John

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1 Ackerman from Houston, Texas.

2 JUDGE KARIBI WHYTE: Is he with you or leading you?

3 MS. McMURREY: Well, until tomorrow we are not quite sure

4 what the official -- tomorrow he becomes lead counsel.

5 JUDGE KARIBI WHYTE: Thank you very much.

6 MS. McMURREY: Thank you.

7 JUDGE KARIBI WHYTE: I think we reassembled this morning to

8 hear what has happened to the complaints before the

9 Trial Chamber. I am happy to announce that the

10 President has gone fully into the matter and will be

11 able to get us a report by Tuesday of next week. So we

12 hope to adjourn the session until next week, Wednesday,

13 when we will know what we will report back to the Trial

14 Chamber and counsel as to the position, but for the time

15 being we will not be able to do anything, because that

16 is consistent with the position of counsel in the

17 matter. That is all we have for this morning until

18 next week, Wednesday. Then we will reassemble. Is

19 there any observation on what I have said?

20 MR. ACKERMAN: Your Honour, would that be 10 o'clock on

21 Wednesday? Is that --

22 JUDGE KARIBI WHYTE: Yes, the usual time, 10.00 am.

23 MR. OSTBERG: We have nothing to add to that, your Honour.

24 JUDGE KARIBI WHYTE: The Trial Chamber will now rise.

25 (10.10 am)

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1 (Hearing adjourned until Wednesday, 28th May 1997 at

2 10.00 am)

3 --ooOoo--