Tribunal Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

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1 Tuesday, 30 March 2004

2 [Status Conference]

3 [Open session]

4 [The appellants entered court]

5 --- Upon commencing at 3.01 p.m.

6 JUDGE POCAR: This Status Conference is called to order. Good

7 afternoon to everybody.

8 Well, Madam Registrar, could you call the case, please.

9 THE REGISTRAR: Yes. Good afternoon, Your Honour. This is Case

10 Number IT-98-34-A, the Prosecutor versus Mladen Naletilic and Vinko

11 Martinovic.

12 JUDGE POCAR: Thank you, Madam Registrar.

13 May I call for appearances now for the Prosecution.

14 MR. FARRELL: Good afternoon, Your Honour. Appearing for the

15 Prosecution is Norman Farrell, and with me is Ms. Marie-Ursula Kind and

16 Ms. Lourdes Galicia. Thank you.

17 JUDGE POCAR: I thank you.

18 For the Defence, for Mr. Martinovic --

19 MR. HENNESSY: I'm Matt Hennessy, Your Honour, with

20 Mr. Christopher Meek for Mr. Naletilic.

21 JUDGE POCAR: I thank you.

22 And for Mr. Martinovic.

23 MR. PAR: [Interpretation] Good afternoon, Your Honour, my name is

24 Mr. Zelimir Par, attorney-at-law from Zagreb. Joining me today is my

25 colleague Mr. Kurt Kerns on behalf of Vinko Martinovic.

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1 JUDGE POCAR: I thank you.

2 May I ask if the accused can hear myself, hear me well. Is there

3 anything problems with the translations? Is everything okay?

4 THE INTERPRETER: The microphone was not on.

5 JUDGE POCAR: You have no microphone on probably.

6 THE APPELLANT NALETILIC: [Interpretation] No problem, Your Honour.

7 JUDGE POCAR: Thank you very much.

8 Now, I remind the parties the last Status Conference was held on

9 the 18th of December, 2003, so roughly four months ago. The purpose of

10 this Status Conference, as the parties know, is twofold. First, to allow

11 the appellants to express concern relating to the appeal and detention

12 conditions.

13 Is there any problem of this kind that the Defence wants to raise

14 concerning the detention of their clients?

15 MR. HENNESSY: Well, thank you, Your Honour. For Mr. Naletilic,

16 as I said at our last Status Conference, no complaints as to detention,

17 but for the fact of detention. But no, he is fine where he is.

18 JUDGE POCAR: I thank you.

19 For Mr. Martinovic, Mr. Par.

20 MR. PAR: [Interpretation] We are facing the same situation with

21 Mr. Martinovic. We have no complaints for the time being. Thank you.

22 JUDGE POCAR: I thank you.

23 Now, coming to the status of the case. Is there any particular

24 matters that the parties want to raise at this stage? Is the Prosecution

25 wanting to raise any problem?

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1 MR. FARRELL: No. There's no issues that we wish to raise. I

2 should note that we tried to file a status report before a Status

3 Conference to assist the Court, and I just wanted to apologise that we

4 weren't able to get it complete. We have completed a status report, but

5 it doesn't indicate anything that would affect the scheduling of this

6 matter. I've given a copy to my friends, and we'll file it this

7 afternoon. But no, nothing to raise. Thank you.

8 JUDGE POCAR: I thank you, Mr. Farrell.

9 For the Defence.

10 MR. HENNESSY: Well, Your Honour --

11 JUDGE POCAR: Mr. Hennessy.

12 MR. HENNESSY: Thank you, for Mr. Naletilic, we have no issues to

13 raise at this time.

14 JUDGE POCAR: Thank you.

15 Mr. Par.

16 MR. PAR: [Interpretation] No issues at this point in time on

17 behalf of Mr. Vinko Martinovic's defence, Your Honour.

18 JUDGE POCAR: I thank you.

19 So if there is nothing to be raised in particular, I understand

20 that the parties are aware of the status of the appeal, how far we are

21 with the Rule 115 motions and on other pending issues, on which either of

22 the parties have to provide documents to -- submission to the Court or the

23 Court has to take decisions.

24 Well, if this is the situation, I believe that we can simply

25 adjourn. The Status Conference stands adjourned.

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1 ---Whereupon the Status Conference

2 adjourned at 3.08 p.m.