Tribunal Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

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1 Wednesday, 6 March 2002

2 [Public session]

3 [Status Conference]

4 --- Upon commencing at 5.41 p.m.

5 JUDGE MUMBA: The first point is that we are unable to continue

6 the proceedings because Judge Singh remains indisposed and we shall

7 adjourn today and continue our proceedings on the 25th of March. And the

8 programme already issued will continue as from the 25th of March.

9 [Trial Chamber and registrar confer]

10 JUDGE MUMBA: I was told that we're still in private session. Can

11 we move into public session.

12 [Open session]

13 JUDGE MUMBA: Yes. We are now in a Status Conference. And

14 Judge Singh is unable to sit with us. He's still indisposed. So the

15 proceedings will be adjourned, and will be resumed on the 25th of March at

16 14.15 hours. The programme as already issued on the 25th of March

17 will run as indicated. Any changes will be notified to the parties at the

18 earliest opportunity.

19 Yes, Mr. Di Fazio.

20 MR. DI FAZIO: Thank you, Your Honours. When you -- when Your

21 Honour says "the programme," are you referring to the order of witnesses?

22 JUDGE MUMBA: No, no, no. The programme the Trial Chamber issued

23 on the sittings.

24 MR. DI FAZIO: I see. I'm sorry. I understand, thank you.

25 JUDGE MUMBA: Yes, just that, on the sittings, the times and the

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1 UN holidays which the Trial Chamber will observe. That's all.

2 The other point I wanted to emphasise, especially with the

3 Defence, is that if there are any documents that have been handed in to

4 the Translation Unit, please do pursue them. And do use this time to look

5 at all the other documents that you may wish to use in cross-examination

6 and please hand them in as early as possible. The Translation Unit is

7 quite loaded, and they would appreciate an early approach so that we don't

8 get held up next time when we start sitting.

9 Are there any other matters parties wish to discuss? Nothing.

10 It's understood that when we resume our sittings on the 25th, we

11 will start with the Variant A and B. And Ms. Baen, you'll be making your

12 submissions on whether or not -- on the responses by Ms. Reidy on the

13 question of whether or not you can call witnesses. The Trial Chamber will

14 make a ruling. And then we will proceed. Whether or not submissions will

15 be made on the same day or any other time, that will be decided on the

16 same day. But I will ask parties to get ready, so that we get rid of this

17 matter.

18 The lining up of witnesses, I will leave that to the Prosecution.

19 But I do hope that you've give notice to the Defence as early as possible

20 so that we don't have problems of them complaining that they've just been

21 informed of a witness with short notice.

22 MR. DI FAZIO: No. It would suit us to continue with the order as

23 it exists, of course, if Your Honours please. The only thing, of course,

24 is that I would ask the Trial Chamber to bear in mind, respectfully, is

25 that the witnesses that we've got coming are coming from the United

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1 States. If there were to be any change to that date, the 25th of March--


3 MR. DI FAZIO: -- then of course the Prosecution would appreciate

4 being notified as soon as possible.


6 MR. DI FAZIO: Because we're flying people a long way.


8 MR. DI FAZIO: And if there's any change at all, then earliest

9 notification would assist us greatly. That's all.

10 JUDGE MUMBA: Yes. The Trial Chamber will do that, because we'll

11 be checking whether or not the date will actually remain the same.

12 MR. DI FAZIO: Yes, thank you.

13 JUDGE MUMBA: So the parties will be notified.

14 No matters from the Defence.

15 The proceedings will adjourn until the 25th of March at 14.15

16 hours.

17 --- Whereupon the Status Conference adjourned

18 at 5.44 p.m.