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Tribunal rejects Ratko Mladić’s request for acquittal
15 April 2014

Trial Chamber I today rejected in their entirety Ratko Mladić’s submissions for acquittal made under Rule 98 bis of the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure and Evidence. Rule 98 bis states that after the close of the Prosecutor's case, the Trial Chamber shall, by oral decision...

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ICTY Outreach Programme launches new round of university lectures
3 April 2014

The Tribunal’s Outreach Programme today launched its third round of university lectures, with a presentation for students at the American University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The lectures are part of the Outreach Programme’s region-wide youth project...

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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing
2 April 2014

The Prosecution’s motion to present its evidence in rebuttal in the Radovan Karadzic case was denied by the Chamber on 21 March 2014. The Chamber pointed out that rebuttal evidence must relate to a significant issue arising directly out of the Defence evidence which...

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ICTY Outreach Programme documentary 'Through their Eyes: Witnesses to Justice' screened in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb
20 March 2014

The third feature-length documentary produced by the Tribunal’s Outreach Programme - Through their Eyes: Witnesses to Justice - was screened this week in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia...

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Tribunal’s Outreach Programme launches third round of its Youth Project
6 March 2014

The Outreach Programme of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia today launched its third round of high school and university presentations in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. The project is part of the ICTY’s continued efforts...

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Tribunal dismisses Goran Hadžić’s motion for acquittal
20 February 2014

Trial Chamber II today dismissed Goran Hadžić’s motion for acquittal on charges from eight counts of the indictment against him. The Chamber’s oral ruling was delivered pursuant to Rule 98 bis of the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure and Evidence, which states that, after the close...

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Statement of Prosecutor Serge Brammertz in relation to the motion for reconsideration submitted by the Prosecution in the Perišić case
3 February 2014

Today, my Office filed a motion before the ICTY Appeals Chamber requesting that it reconsider its acquittal of the former Chief of Staff of the Yugoslav Army Momčilo Perišić for aiding and abetting crimes committed in Sarajevo and Srebrenica between 1993 and 1995...

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