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Crimes and Investigations


The pictures below provide a sample selection of images presented as evidence in ICTY trials.

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  Srebrenica exhumation programme, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1996 Brčko exhumation programme, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1997


  Field Investigations and Evidentiary material
  Ligature used to bind victims hands in Srebrenica, unearthed during exhumation in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  Chart showing exhumations carried out between 1996 to 2000 in Foča municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina   ICTY investigator interviewing a witness
  Bullet taken from Luka detention facility near Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  Prosecution exhibit in the Krstić trial of Branjevo farm, near Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  Drawing by a witness in the Krnojelac trial of the KP Dom detention facility near Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  "Karaman's House" a location where women were tortured and raped near Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina      

  Ban Ki Moon and Fausto Pocar     Ban Ki Moon and Fausto Pocar  
  Goran Jelišić shooting a victim in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  Photo of a group of Kosovar refugees, presented as evidence in the Milošević trial

Bodies of people killed in April 1993 around Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  Evidence of shooting in the Dom Kulture in Pilica, near Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bombing Destruction
Bombed mosque in April 1993, Ahmići, Central Bosnia and Herzegovina
  UN Peace keepers collecting bodies from Ahmići, Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 1993
  Destruction of the bridge leading into Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  Aerial photo depicting destroyed mosques around Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  Detainees at Trnopolje Camp, near Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Detainees line up at Omarska Camp, near Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina Model of Čelebići camp, near Konjić Bosnia and Herzegovina. Presented as evidence in the Mucić et al. trial
Detainees in Manjača Camp, near Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina  
Exhibit showing Serbs from Konjić area detained in Čelebići camp
Exhibit illustrating Hangar 6 in Čelebići camp as described by Serb inmate (Red crosses mark murder scenes)

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