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The fourteen elected Judges will take up Office in November

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The Hague, 15 March 2001

The fourteen elected Judges will take up Office in November

On Wednesday 14 March 2001, the General Assembly elected the following as Judges of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) for a term of office of four years, commencing on 17 November 2001 and expiring on 16 November 2005:

Mr. Carmel A. Agius (Malta) (newly elected)
Mr. Mohamed Amin El Abbassi Elmahdi (Egypt) (newly elected)
Mr. David Hunt (Australia) (re-elected)
Mr. Claude Jorda (France) (re-elected)
Mr. O-gon Kwon (Republic of Korea) (newly elected)
Mr. Liu Daqun (China) (re-elected)
Mr. Richard George May (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) (re-elected)
Mr. Theodor Meron (United States of America) (newly elected)
Mrs. Florence Ndepele Mwachande Mumba (Zambia) (re-elected)
Mr. Alphonsus Martinus Maria Orie (Netherlands) (newly elected)
Mr. Fausto Pocar (Italy) (re-elected)
Mr. Patrick Lipton Robinson (Jamaica) (re-elected)
Mr. Wolfgang Schomburg (Germany) (newly elected)
Mr. Mohamed Shahabuddeen (Guyana) (re-elected).

The Tribunal would like to thank the General Assembly for successfully electing fourteen Judges and congratulates the Judges, be they newly elected or re-elected.

These elections were a transparent and democratic process which highlights the international legitimacy of the Tribunal.

The continuity, which is reflected by the re-election of eight Judges, will enable the Tribunal to successfully integrate the six newly elected Judges as well as the ad litem Judges, due to be elected soon.

The Tribunal respectfully invites Member States to nominate ad litem candidates in such a number and diversity that the elections of ad litem Judges can be proceeded with quickly, ensuring a balanced representation of continents and legal systems.

The Tribunal hopes that the Judges, newly elected or re-elected, permanent or ad litem, can quickly devote their energy and experience to the mission of the Tribunal: to conduct more swiftly an even higher number of trials in order to render the impartial justice that the international community has committed itself to.



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