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Furundzija case: Judgement to be handed down on Wednesday 15 July.

Press Release . Communiqué de presse

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The Hague, 9 July 1998



This will be the first judgement on torture and rape

If found guilty, the accused will be sentenced on the same day

The Trial Chamber consisting of Judge Florence MUMBA (presiding), Judge Antonio CASSESE and Judge Richard MAY will pronounce its Judgement in the case of accused FURUNDZIJA on Wednesday 15 July 1998.

This Judgement will be pronounced in public. The hearing will begin at noon (12 o’clock).

Following a long-standing agreement with the Parties and in view of shortening the proceedings, the Trial Chamber has decided that in its Judgement, it will not only determine whether the accused is guilty or innocent of the crimes he has been charged with but will also, in case when the accused is found guilty, determine the sentence.

Reminder on the case

According to the indictment issued against him by the ICTY’s Prosecutor, Anto Furundzija, born in Travnik on 8 July 1969, was a commander of a Special Forces group within the HVO called "the Jokers". On or about 15 May 1993, he was at the Jokers’ headquarters in a complex called "The Bungalow" in Nadioci to question two prisoners. Anto Furundzija was present while the prisoners
were assaulted by another member of the Jokers and he did nothing to stop or curtail that action.

The accused was detained by members of the SFOR forces on 18 December 1997, and transferred to the ICTY Detention Unit.

Anto Furundzija pleaded not guilty to the two counts brought against him, namely Torture and Outrages upon personal dignity including rape, recognised by Article 3 (Violations of the Laws or Customs of War) of the Statute of the ICTY.

His trial began on Monday 8 June 1998 and lasted 8 hearing days. The last trial day was on 22 June.

The trial in figures

Duration of the trial

Number of days for the Prosecution case 4,5

Number of days for the Defence case 2,5


Prosecution witnesses 6

Defence witnesses 3


Prosecution exhibits 4

Defence exhibits 22