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Since the ICTY’s closure on 31 December 2017, the Mechanism maintains this website as part of its mission to preserve and promote the legacy of the UN International Criminal Tribunals.

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ICTY/MICT Open Day on 24 September 2017: Final chance to visit the ICTY before its closure

| The Hague |

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (MICT), kindly invite the public to attend the ICTY/MICT Open Day on Sunday, 24 September 2017, between 11:00 and17:00.

This year’s Open Day marks the final opportunity to visit the ICTY, as the Tribunal is set to close its doors at the end of this year. Guests will have the opportunity to gain a unique perspective into the work of different sections of the Tribunal and to reflect on the ICTY’s achievements and legacy.

The ICTY/MICT Open Day is part of The Hague International Open Day, which offers the public a chance to visit courts, tribunals and other international organisations based in The Hague, as the International City of Peace and Justice. The ICTY and the MICT will be welcoming visitors to their shared premises at Churchillplein 1 in The Hague, opposite the World Forum.

There will be various opportunities to interact with Judges as well as senior staff members, view documentaries produced by the ICTY Outreach Programme, learn about the MICT and explore exhibitions and materials from the archives. The opening remarks will be delivered by ICTY President Judge Carmel Agius and MICT President Judge Theodor Meron.

Other speakers for the day include:

  • Judge Christoph Flügge, ICTY/MICT
  • Judge Alphons Orie, ICTY/MICT
  • Registrar Olufemi Elias, MICT
  • Michelle Jarvis, Deputy to the ICTY/MICT Prosecutor
  • Ana Cristina Rodríguez Pineda, Chef de Cabinet, ICTY Office of the President
  • Bob Reid, Chief of Operations, ICTY/MICT Office of the Prosecutor

To register for the Open Day, please send a confirmation email to Colleen Luibrand (luibrand [at] un.org) or register through the International Open Day website of The Hague municipality by Friday 22 September 2017.

Getting to the ICTY/MICT

Please note that the Peace Run will take place on the same day as the Open Day, so traffic and public transport may be disrupted for part of the morning.

The easiest way to arrive to the ICTY/MICT by public transport (until normal schedules resume around 13:30) will be as follows:

  • Free Connexxion bus route from Den Haag Centraal to Museon stop (10 min walk to ICTY/MICT) -
    timetable found here: https://internationaledag.nl/en/vervoer/
  • Bus 21 to the World Forum stop (4 min walk to ICTY/MICT) or Museon stop (10 min walk to ICTY/MICT)
  • Tram 16 to Statenplein stop (8 min walk to ICTY/MICT)

Visitors can park in the World Forum parking garage.

Please see the enclosed map for road closures.

Road closure