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Pavle Strugar granted Provisional Release.

Press Release . Communiqué de presse

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The Hague, 3 December 2001



On Saturday 1 December 2001, Pavle Strugar travelled to the Republic of Montenegro, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, after being granted provisional release by Trial Chamber I consisting of Judge Liu Daqun (Presiding), Judge Amin El Mahdi and Judge Alphons Martinus Maria Orie, on 30 November 2001.


Having voluntarily surrendered to the custody of the Tribunal on 21 October 2001, Pavle Strugar pleaded "not guilty" to all counts charged against him at an initial appearance hearing which took place on 25 October 2001.

Provisional release of Strugar

The Defence filed a "Defence Motion For Provisional Release" on 22 November 2001. A "Second Confidential Annex to Defence Motion for Provisional Release" was filed by the Defence on 26 November 2001. According to the Order the Trial Chamber considered that "all documents and information submitted to the Chamber unanimously corroborate the Defence’ argument that the medical
condition of the accused is serious and requires further specialist treatment in form of hospitalisation and surgery

Furthermore, the Trial Chamber noted that the Government of the Republic of Montenegro guarantees inter alia "that the competent bodies of the Republic of Montenegro will act in accordance with all the orders of the Trial Chamber in this matter".

According to the Order, "the authorities of the Kingdom of the Netherlands have been duly informed and have stated that they have no objection to the Motion being granted". In addition, the Prosecution filed "Prosecution’ Response to Motion For Provisional Release" on 28 November 2001 in which "the Prosecution did not oppose the Motion but took the view that the accused’s
voluntary surrender to the Tribunal, his age, and his medical condition militate in favour of his release

The Trial Chamber ordered that the accused be provisionally released, under certain conditions specified in the Order, to reside in the Republic of Montenegro until he is ordered to return to The Hague. No date has yet been set for the beginning of his trial.