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President Cassese holds high-level talks in Belgrade.

Press Release · Communiqué de presse

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The Hague, 7 June 1996


Continuing his visits to the relevant capitals in the territory of the former Yugoslavia for the purpose of establishing high-level contacts before the Florence mid-term conference on the Dayton Accord, on 5 June 1996 President Cassese met, in Belgrade, Dr. Bozovic, President of the Chamber of Citizens, Prime Minister Kontic, Foreign Minister Milutinovic and Justice Minister
Klikovac, as well as a number of senior officials.

The talks, which were frank and in-depth, focused on the co-operation of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) ("FRY") with the Tribunal. It was common ground that the conclusion of an agreement between the FRY and the United Nations for the opening of a Prosecutor's Liaison Office in Belgrade would be a positive step and that co-operation would improve as soon
as the Agreement entered into force following approval by the United Nations in New York.

However, President Cassese insisted upon the international legal obligation of FRY to pass a law implementing the Tribunal's Statute, similar to those already adopted by various States, including Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. President Cassese also emphasized the obligation incumbent upon the FRY of arresting and surrendering to The Hague persons indicted by the Tribunal who
are in the territory of the FRY, or under the control of its authorities.