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ICTY to open its doors for The Hague International Day

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The Hague, 17 September 2012

ICTY to open its doors for The Hague International Day


The ICTY will be opening its doors to the public on 23 September 2012 as part of the fifth annual ‘International Day’. This event offers the public a glimpse behind the scenes of the International City of Peace and Justice and is organised by the Municipality of The Hague.

Speaking of the event, President Theodor Meron said: “Last year we received a record number of over 750 visitors to the Tribunal for The Hague International Day, which demonstrates the growing interest in international justice and the work of the Tribunal. This year the ICTY once again welcomes the opportunity to reach out to its neighbours, and to present its work and achievements to the citizens of The Hague and beyond”.

The doors of the Tribunal will be open between 11am and 5pm, and the day’s events will start with a welcome address by President Meron at 11:15am. Question and answer sessions will be held during the afternoon with Judge Alphons Orie and Registrar John Hocking, who will give visitors insights into the Tribunal’s core activities and achievements. Other events will include guided tours of a courtroom by staff members, and an exhibition and a film introducing visitors to the ICTY. Courtroom and general presentations will take place throughout the day and ICTY officials will be on hand to meet visitors, to answer questions, and to talk about their work at the Tribunal.

The ICTY will also be represented at the International Market, taking place at the World Forum Convention Centre on the same day. Visitors to the Tribunal’s booth at the Market will have the chance to peruse a wide variety of information materials covering the work of the ICTY and to address any questions they may have to representatives of the Tribunal.

Those wishing to join in with the Open Day activities can register on the website of the Municipality.

Media are welcome to cover the ICTY’s Open Day from 11.15am to 12.30pm in the lobby of the Tribunal and are invited to film the welcoming remarks, as well as visitors enjoying a courtroom tour and presentations. Please note that hand-held cameras without tripods should be used for filming and that lighting equipment cannot be accommodated.

Media wishing to attend the event should send an email to the Media Office at press [at] icty.org by Friday, 21 September, 12pm. Journalists should provide their full names, the name of their media outlet and passport number.



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