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Case no IT-94-I-T/defendant : Mr. Dusko Tadic. Update.


Press Release · Communiqué de presse
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The Hague, 21 June 1995

CASE No. IT-94-1-T / DEFENDANT: Mr. Dusko Tadic. UPDATE.

As previously scheduled, the Trial Chamber II held on Wednesday 21 June 1995 an in camera hearing to consider motions related to the situation of witnesses and victims.

The initial motion was filed on 18 May 1995 by the Prosecutor. The response thereto was filed on 2 June 1995 by the Defence.

Pre-hearing orders

At the Prosecutor’s request, and after having considered the Defence’s response thereto, Presiding Judge McDonald ordered on 15 June 1995 that the hearing set down for 21 June 1995 would be in closed session.

On 1 June 1995, Presiding Judge McDonald issued an order granting leave to Mrs. Christine Chinkin, Dean of the Faculty of Law of Southampton, to file a written brief as amicus curiae. On 16 June 1995 Presiding Judge McDonald issued an order granting leave to Mrs. Rhonda Copelon, Professor of Law and Director of the International Women’s Human Rights Clinic (New York), Mrs. Jennifer M. Green, Administrative Director of the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School, Mr. Felice Gaer, Director of the American Jewish Committee (New York) and Mrs. Sara Hossain, Barrister and advisory committee member of Interights (London) to file a common written brief as amicus curiae. These two written briefs were considered by the Trial Chamber in written format. Their authors did not participate in the hearing.

Hearing participants

The Trial Chamber II was composed of: Judge McDonald, Judge Vohrah and Judge Stephen (replacing Judge Sidhwa, who is recovering from surgery). The Prosecution Bench was led by Mr. Grant Niemann, assisted by Mrs. Brenda Hollis, Mr. Alan Tieger and Mr. William Fenrick. The Defence Team was led by Mr. Michael Wladimiroff, assisted by Mr. Milan Vujin and Mr. Krstan Simic. The defendant was present.

Trial Chamber's decision

The Trial Chamber’s decision will be read out on 25 July 1995 at 10 a.m.

Next step

It is expected that the Defence will file new preliminary motions on Friday 23 June 1995. The time of filing and the eventual release of all or part of the documents is not known yet. Journalists are invited to contact the Press Office on Friday afternoon after 4 p.m.