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Biljana Plavsic Transferred to Sweden to Serve Prison Sentence

Press Release . Communiqué de presse

(Exclusivement à l’attention des media . Document non officiel)


The Hague, 27 June 2003



On Thursday 26 June 2003, Biljana Plavsic was transferred to serve her sentence in a Swedish prison as handed down by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

On 2 October 2002, Plavsic pleaded guilty to count three of her Indictment, persecutions, a crime against humanity. On 27 February 2003, Plavsic was sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment (see press release 734-e/f). Plavsic is the first person to be transferred to Sweden to serve a sentence.

She is the 11th accused currently serving sentence. Dusko Tadic and Dragoljub Kunarac are serving sentence in Germany; Anto Furundzija in Finland; Stevan Todorovic, Drago Josipovic and Vladimir Santic in Spain; Dusko Sikirica in Austria; Zoran Vukovic and Radomir Kovac in Norway and Goran Jelesic in Italy.

Sweden was the fourth State to enter into an Agreement on the enforcement of sentences with the ICTY on 23 February 1999 (see press release 382-e). Other States which have entered into similar agreements are: Italy, which was the first state to sign, on 6 February 1997, Finland (signed 7 May 1997), Norway (signed 24 April 1998), Austria (signed on 23 July 1999), France (signed on
25 February 2000), Spain (signed on 28 March 2000) and Denmark (signed 19 June 2002). Germany has signed two ad hoc agreements with the Tribunal with regards to Dusko Tadic and Dragoljub Kunarac.