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Transfer of Sredoje Lukic

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The Hague, 16 September 2005


Today, 16 September 2005, Sredoje Lukic was transferred to the ICTY's Detention Unit from Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He had been at large for almost seven years.

Sredoje Lukic (44) was indicted in 1998, alongside his cousin Milan Lukic and Mitar Vasiljevic for a range of crimes including murder, torture, assault, looting and the destruction of property committed against the local Muslim population in and around the Visegrad municipality of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The indictment against Sredoje Lukic alleges that before and during the war he worked as a policeman in Višegrad. In 1992 he joined Milan Lukic's group of paramilitaries often referred to as the "White Eagles" and the "Avengers". This group of paramilitaries which worked with local police and military units exacted a reign of terror upon the local Muslim population. Sredoje Lukic
is charged with extermination, persecution, murder and inhumane acts, committed in Višegrad, between May 1992 and October 1994. The accusations include five separate incidents of murder, two of which are particularly gruesome.

The indictment alleges that on 14 June 1992, Sredoje Lukic, Milan Lukic and others forced approximately 65 Bosnian Muslim women, children and elderly men into a house on Pionirska Street in Visegrad. The house was barricaded and set ablaze. Those who tried to escape by climbing out of windows were shot at. Almost everyone locked in the house was killed, including 17 children
between the ages of two days and 14 years.

On 27 June, Sredoje Lukic, Milan Lukic and others are alleged to have committed a similar crime at another location in Višegrad, again barricading a group of people into a house which was then set on fire, causing the death of approximately 70 people.


The indictment charges Sredoje Lukic on the basis of his individual criminal responsibility (Article 7(1) of the Statute) with:

seven counts of crimes against humanity (Article 5 of the Statute – extermination; persecutions on political, racial and religious grounds; murder; inhumane acts) and

five counts of violations of the laws or customs of war (Article 3 of the Statute – murder; violence to life and person; cruel treatment).

Further information

On 24 July 2001, the Trial Chamber ordered that Mitar Vasiljevic be tried separately since his two co-accused were still at large. On 29 November 2002, the Trial Chamber rendered its Judgement sentencing Mitar Vasiljevic to 20 years' imprisonment, and on 25 February 2004, the Appeals Chamber rendered its Appeals Judgement. The Appeals Chamber partially allowed Mitar Vasiljevic's
appeal and sentenced him to 15 years' imprisonment.

Milan Lukic was arrested on 8 August 2005 in Argentina. His transfer into the custody of the Tribunal is pending.

A date for the initial appearance of Sredoje Lukic will be announced in due course.


The full text of the indictment is available on the Tribunal's website www.un.org/icty.

Hard copies can also be obtained from the Media Office.

Courtroom proceedings can be followed on the Tribunal's website.