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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 23rd Oct 2002

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing 23 October 2002

note that this is not a verbatim transcript of the Press Briefing. It is merely
a summary.

ICTY Weekly
Press Briefing

Date: 23.10.2002

Time: 10:30


Landale, Spokesman for Registry and Chambers, made the following statement:


There is no-one
here from the Prosecutor’s Office this morning.

The President
of the Tribunal, Judge Claude Jorda, will be travelling to New York in the coming
days. He is due to address the General Assembly on Monday 28 October and the
Security Council the following day, 29 October. We will keep you informed of
what he says and hopefully will be able to give you copies of his speeches to
both bodies once he has made them.

In terms of court

We have copies
of the three indictments that were unsealed by Judge Schomburg on Monday, namely
against Drago Nikolic, Vujadin Popovic and Ljubisa Beara.

In the Prosecutor
v. Slobodan Milosevic:

On 16 October,
we received the "Prosecution’s Report on Publication of Extracts From Prosecution
Witness Statement of Nikola Samardzic in Dan Newspaper on 9 October 2002
which some of you might already have.

Then on 18 October,
we received a "Document Filed by the Amici Curiae Re: Croatia".

In the Prosecutor
v. Janko Bobetko:

On 18 October,
we received a letter from the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to the Registrar,
notifying him that Mr. Goran Mikulicic had been appointed as Legal Counsel of
the Croatian Government in the case.

Also on 18 October,
we received the "Republic of Croatia’s Brief in Reply to Prosecution’s Response
of 10 October to the Application of the Republic of Croatia to Submit an Interlocutory
Appeal Against the Warrant of Arrest and Order for Surrender of 20 September

Then on 21 October,
we received, the "Prosecution’s Response to the Request From the Republic
of Croatia for a Review of the Judge’s Decision of 17 September Confirming the
Indictment Against Janko Bobetko and the Orders for His Arrest and Surrender
of 20 September 2002

In the Prosecutor
v. Anto Furundzija:

On 16 October,
we received a "Request for Pardon or Commutation of Sentence" filed to
the President of the Tribunal, Judge Claude Jorda.

In the Prosecutor
v. Momcilo Krajisnik and Biljana Plavsic:

On 18 October,
we received the "Decision on Momcilo Krajisnik’s Motion to Dismiss or For
Alternative Relief
", dismissing the Motion.

Again on 18 October
and in the same case, we received the "Decision on Momcilo Krajisnik’s Motion
for Provisional Release and Evidentiary Hearing
", which dismissed both Motions.

In the Prosecutor
v. Milan Martic:

On 15 October,
we received an "Application for Leave to Appeal on Decision on the Motion
for Provisional Release

In the Prosecutor
v. Milomir Stakic:

On 16 October,
we received the "Prosecution’s Motion for Reconsideration of Commencement
Date of the Accused’s Case

In terms of the
court schedule:

In the Prosecutor
v. Radovan Stankovic, there will be a status conference on Tuesday 5 November
at 3 p.m.

other matter: a point was made in court today in the Milosevic trial by Judge
May about publication of some details mentioned by Mr. Milosevic. Those people
in the Public Gallery heard the details but they have been redacted from the
delayed feed. As pointed out by Mr. Nice, publication of those details would
constitute a contempt of court and would expose anyone who did publish those
details to liability.


if he could say whether President Jorda was going to complain about specific
countries to the United Nations, Landale replied that he would not make any
comment about what the President might say to the Security Council or to the
General Assembly before he actually did so.

Asked whether
President Jorda would take seriously Carla del Ponte’s warning that the response
by President Kostunica and the law for co-operation with the Tribunal was
not good enough and that the Security Council had to do something about the
lack of co-operation, Landale pointed out that the Prosecutor did not warn
the President. He made reference to Rule 7 bis of the Rules of Procedure
and Evidence, which set out guidelines for reporting states to the Security
Council for non-co-operation.