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Weekly Press Briefing - 10 March 2010

Date:  10.3.2010
Time: 12:00

Registry and Chambers:

Nerma Jelačić, Spokesperson for Registry and Chambers, made the following statement:

Good afternoon,

The trial of Zuhdija Tabaković, charged with contempt of court committed during the trial of Milan and Sredoje Lukić, has been scheduled for Monday, 15 March 2010 at 9:00 in Courtroom I. Tabaković is accused of having agreed to sign and testify to a false statement in favour of Milan Lukić in exchange for 1,000 euros. He is also accused of having found two other men who were willing to put their names to and sign two further pre-prepared statements in exchange for the same amount. At his initial appearance on 21 December 2009, Tabaković pleaded not guilty to all six counts of contempt.

The initial appearance of Vojislav Šešelj in his contempt of court case, has been scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 20 April 2010 at 9:00 in Courtroom I. Šešelj, whose war crimes trial is currently ongoing, was charged with contempt of court on 4 February 2010 for having disclosed information on 11 protected witnesses, including their real names, occupations and places of residence, in violation of the Trial Chamber’s orders in a book he authored. This is the second time Šešelj faces charges of contempt. On 24 July 2009, he was found guilty of contempt and sentenced to 15 months of imprisonment for disclosing the name and other personal details of protected witnesses in a book he authored. That case is currently pending before the Appeals Chamber.

In the case of Zdravko Tolimir, Prosecution will call its first witness tomorrow. The protected witness is a survivor from the Srebrenica execution sites.

On Tuesday, 16 March, a Status Conference will be held in the case of Milan and Sredoje Lukić at 14:15 in Courtroom I.

Hearings in the trial of Jovica Stanišić and Franko Simatović, scheduled to be held next Wednesday and Thursday have been cancelled. Proceedings will resume during the week of 12 April, at a time and date to be confirmed, following a brief adjournment so as to allow Simatović’s newly formed defence team to prepare for the trial.

Proceedings in the trials of Vojislav Šešelj, Momčilo Perišić, Zdravko Tolimir, Prlić and others, Vlastimir Ðorđević as well as Mićo Stanišić and Stojan Župljanin continue this week and next as scheduled.

Office of the Prosecutor:

Office of the Prosecutor issued the following statement:

Mr. Serge Brammertz, Prosecutor of the ICTY, will be in Washington 11 and 12 March 2010 to meet with senior officials at the US Department of State and National Security Council to discuss the work of the Tribunal, cooperation of States and the Tribunal's completion strategy. Mr. Brammertz will underline the importance of the support of the US to the Office of the Prosecutor.

Mr. Brammertz will also attend a conference entitled "Forging a Convention on Crimes Against Humanity" organised by Washington School of Law and the Whitney Harris World Law institute.


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