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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 6th Nov 2002

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing

note that this is not a verbatim transcript of the Press Briefing. It is merely
a summary.

Weekly Press Briefing

Date: 6.11.2002

Time: 12:30


Jim Landale, Spokesman
for Registry and Chambers, made the following statement:

Good morning,

In terms of court

In the Prosecutor
v. Slobodan Milosevic:

On 31 October,
we received the "Prosecution’s Response to Accused’s Objection to Admission
of Intercepted Communications

Then, on 4 November,
we received an "Order Granting Leave to Amend the Croatia Indictment".

Also on 4 November,
we received an "Order Granting Further Prosecution Motion to Vary Time
for Filing an Amended Indictment
", in which the Trial Chamber ordered
the Prosecution to file an Amended Bosnia Indictment by 24 November 2002.

In the Prosecutor
v. Mile Mrksic:

On 1 November,
we received the "Decision on Leave to File Amended Indictment".

In the Prosecutor
v. Sainovic and Ojdanic:

On 1 November,
we received the "Prosecution’s Notice to the Trial Chamber of Compliance
with the Court Order of 18 October 2002

In the Prosecutor
v. Mladen Naletilic and Vinko Martinovic:

On 23 October,
we received the "Final Brief of the Accused Mladen Naletilic aka Tuta".

Then, on 4 November,
we received the public redacted version of the Prosecution’s Final Trial Brief.

Both of these
are extremely lengthy documents, so copies will only be available on request.

In the Prosecutor
v. Blagojevic, Obrenovic, Jokic and Nikolic:

On 1 November,
we received the "Prosecution’s Submission of Second Statement of Expert
Witness Rick Butler
". This is also a lengthy document, so will only
be available on request.

In the Prosecutor
v. Milomir Stakic:

On 31 October,
we received the "Decision on Rule 98 bis Motion for Judgement of Acquittal".

On 4 November,
we received the "Defence Pre-Trial Brief Pursuant to Rule 65 ter (F)".

In the Prosecutor
v. Anto Furundzija:

On 5 November,
we received the "Defendant’s Motion for Protective Measures and for
Investigation of Contempt of Tribunal

Florence Hartmann,
Spokeswoman for the Office of the Prosecutor, made no statement.


for clarification as to the nature of the ‘contempt of the Tribunal’ which
was raised in Furundzija’s motion, Landale replied that, in brief, it was
connected to an alleged burglary at the offices of Furundzija’s defence council
in Zagreb.

whether there were any new developments in the Milosevic case concerning the
accused’s health, Landale replied that all he could say was that Mr. Milosevic
was being seen by a doctor every day. The Tribunal would find out in due course
whether or not the trial would start again on Monday.

whether Mr. Milosevic’s blood pressure was the reason for the postponement
of the trial or whether other reasons had been given such as exhaustion, Landale
replied that he believed there was an issue with both of those things, high
blood pressure and exhaustion. Mr. Milosevic had complained about exhaustion
on Friday.

whether there would be a hearing in the Milosevic case on Monday, or whether
it would depend upon the outcome of a medical examination, Landale replied
that there was a hearing scheduled. He added that the Tribunal would find
out in due course whether the hearing would be cancelled or would go ahead.
As soon as the Press Office knew, the media would be informed, he added.

for an update on the situation concerning Bobetko and whether a decision could
be expected soon, Landale replied that the issue was pending before the Appeals
Chamber. They would take whatever time needed to look at all of the submissions
and come to a decision on those submissions. Landale added that he could not
say when that would be, it was up to the Appeals Chamber to take as much time
as necessary. If the Press Office received any indication of when the Appeals
Chamber decision would be rendered, then the media would be informed.

journalist mentioned the order by Judge May that submissions should be filed
within seven days concerning the completion of the Milosevic trial. Asked
whether the seven days expired on Friday, Landale replied that the deadline
did expire on Friday. Whether the submissions were received early enough on
Friday for them to be forwarded on to the media or whether they would be public
documents, he did not know at this stage. Again when the Press Office received
something it would inform the media.

whether Milosevic himself was supposed to file a submission, Landale replied
that Judge May had left that possibility open.

whether redactions were the only changes made to the new Milosevic Croatia
Indictment compared to the original Indictment of November 2001, Hartmann
replied that reduction of municipalities was one of the four guidelines given
by the Chamber. These guidelines were followed by the OTP.