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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 16th Mar 2005

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing

note that this is not a verbatim transcript of the Press Briefing.
It is merely a summary.

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing

Date: 16.03.2005

Time: 12.15

Registry and Chambers:

Jim Landale, Spokesman for Registry and Chambers,
made the following statement:

Good afternoon,

First, the President of the Tribunal,
Judge Theodor Meron, was in Belgrade yesterday.
As we announced, he met with Serbian President Boris
Tadic, Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica,
as well as Serbian Justice Minister, Zoran Stojkovic.

Next, as you will have also seen,
yesterday we released the contents of the indictment
against Ljube Boskoski and Johan Tarculovski yesterday.

I can confirm that Johan Tarculovski
arrived in our custody at 1150 this morning.

The initial appearance for Mico
Stanisic will be held tomorrow at 2.30 p.m. in Courtroom

On behalf of the Tribunal’s Outreach

The Head of the IT Sector and the
Head of Joint Sectors of the War Crimes Chamber
of the Belgrade District Court are currently visiting
the ICTY. During this visit they will have a number
of meetings with representatives of the Tribunal's
IT and AV departments so that they may get acquainted
with the operating technology of the Tribunal and
the possibilities of its application in the Belgrade
War Crimes Chamber. The visit has been organised
by the ICTY's Outreach Programme at the initiative
of the Belgrade War Crimes Chamber and is a continuation
of the Tribunal's ongoing effort to assist in strengthening
the capacity of local judiciaries to handle war
crimes cases.

The Appeal Hearing that was due
to take place on Monday in The Prosecutor v.
Miodrag Jokic
has been postponed until 26 April,
starting at 9.30 a.m.

The Appeal Hearing in The Prosecutor
v. Milan Babic
has been scheduled for Monday
25 April 2005, starting at 10 a.m.

Next week, the Milosevic trial
is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Proceedings will also continue in the Limaj and
others, Oric, Krajisnik, Hadzihasanovic and Kubura
and Halilovic cases.

There will be status conferences
in The Prosecutor v. Prlic et al. tomorrow
at 2.30 p.m. in Courtroom II; The Prosecutor
v. Martinovic and Naletilic
also tomorrow at
4 p.m. in Courtroom I; in The Prosecutor v. Mitar
on Monday 21 March at 12.45 p.m. in
Courtroom II; The Prosecutor v. Pasko Ljubicic
on Thursday 24 March at 2.30 p.m. in Courtroom
III; The Prosecutor v. Miroslav Deronjic on
Wednesday 30 March at 2.30 p.m. in Courtroom II;
and in The Prosecutor v. Momir Nikolic on
Thursday 31 March at 14.15 p.m. in Courtroom I.

Office of the Prosecutor:

Florence Hartmann for the Office
of the Prosecutor made the following statement:

Good afternoon-

It is indeed true that after the
disclosure of the indictment against Boskoski and
Tarculovski, for crimes committed in Macedonia,
the ICTY will not issue any more indictments. Pursuant
to the UN Security Counsel resolution 1503 and 1534
from 2003, the Office of the Prosecutor was due
to complete all investigations by the end of 2004.
But the end of the investigative mandate, is not
the end of the Tribunal. As you know, there are
two other deadlines in the completion strategy:
2008 and 2010.

There had been a total of 160 indictments
since the beginning of the work of the Tribunal,
some were withdrawn and all together about 150 individuals
have been charged for grave breaches of International
Humanitarian Law. This doesn’t solve the issue of
bringing justice to the former Yugoslavia, it is
a very important part of the process that has to
be completed by the national jurisdictions. We hope
they will continue the work efficiently. Local jurisdictions
in the Balkans did not prosecute seriously war crimes
until now. Now Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and
Serbia are equipping themselves in order to try
war crimes cases at home. The end of the ICTY indictments
is therefore not a day of celebration for those
who hope for impunity. Suspected war criminals will
have to face justice back home and on the other
hand, ICTY will continue to demand those indicted
at large to be transferred. There are currently
17 fugitives, including Drago Nikolic who should
be transferred tomorrow. The fugitives at large
include the following:

1-Vlastimir Dordevic

2 - Sreten Lukic

3 - Nebojsa Pavkovic

4 - Borovcanin, Ljubomir -

5 - Borovnica, Goran -

6 - Govotovina, Ante -

7 - Hadzic, Goran -

8 - Karadzic, Radovan -

9 - Lukic, Milan

10 - Lukic, Sredoje -

11 - Nikolic, Drago -

12 - Pandurevic, Vinko –

13 - Popovic, Vujadin –

14 - Zelenovic, Dragan -

15 - Zdravko Tolimir

16 - Mladic, Ratko –

17 Stojan Zupljanin

It is interesting to think of the
situation if accused had been handed over to the
custody of the ICTY at the same speed as the last
couple of weeks. The ICTY would have probably completed
its work. Therefore it is important today to recall
that we are expecting from the competent authorities,
mainly in Serbia, the transfer of all people indicted
by the ICTY either by voluntary surrender or arrest.
Each individual indicted by the Tribunal has an
arrest warrant, and the arrest warrant is always
given to the competent authorities in order to apprehend
the individual and we expect that to be done.


No questions.


The Prosecutor v. Slobodan

11 March 2005 – Decision On Motion
Of Defence Of Jovica Stanisic For Variance Of Protective
Measures Pursuant To Rule 75 (G)(i).

The Prosecutor v. Momcilo

11 March 2005 – Defence Application
For Rule 73(B) Certification To Appeal Against Trial
Chamber’s Decision On Second Defence Motion For

The Prosecutor v. Hadzihasanovic
and Kubura

11 March 2005 – Decision On Joint
Defence Interlocutory Appeal Of Trial Chamber Decision
On Rule 98bis Motions For Acquittal.

The Prosecutor v. Vojislav

11 March 2005 – Corrigendum To
Decision On The Accused’s Motion To Re-Examine the
Decision To Assign Standby Counsel.

The Prosecutor v. Mejakic

11 March 2005 – Correspondence
To The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Prosecutor v. Miodrag

10 March 2005 – Prosecution’s Motion
To File Criminal Code of SFRY

14 March 2005 – Order Re-Scheduling
Appeal Hearing

The Prosecutor v. Ademi and

14 March 2005 – Prosecution’s Further
Submissions In Support Of The Motion Filed Under
Rule 11bis.

The Prosecutor v. Milan Babic

11 March 2005 – Scheduling Order

The Prosecutor v. Miroslav

03 March 2005 – Correspondence
From Krstan Simic, Attorney At Law.

The Prosecutor v. Radoslav

11 March 2005 – Decision On Prosecution’s
request For An Extension Of Time To Respond To Brdanin’s
Motion To Dismiss Ground 1 of The Prosecution’s