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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 1st May 2002

ICTY Weekly Press Briefing 24 April 2002

note that this is not a verbatim transcript of the Press Briefing. It is merely
a summary.

ICTY Weekly
Press Briefing

Date: 1 May 2002

Time: 2:00 p.m.


Jim Landale,
Spokesman for Registry and Chambers, made the following statement:

terms of court documents:

- In the Milosevic
case, on 26 April 2002, we received the "Response by the Amici Curiae to
the Prosecution's Motion for Variation of an Order of the Trial Chamber".

- On 29 April
2002, the Prosecution filed its "Request for an Extension of Time Within
Which to Seek Clarification Under Rule 73 (C)".

- In the Ljubicic
case, on 29 April 2002 a "Decision on the Prosecution Request for Extension
of Time in Which to File Response to Application for Provisional Release"
was rendered.

- In the Galic
case, a "Defence Motion for Rule 73 (C) Certification" was filed on
29 April 2002.

- And, also on
29 April 2002, in the Kordic and Cerkez case, we received the "Prosecution's
Response to Appellant Kordic's Motion for Leave to Add New Grounds of Appeal".

Copies of those
documents will be available after this briefing.


Asked whether
Rugova was expected to testify in court this week, Joris replied that he would
and that he would testify on Friday.

Asked whether
he was due to testify on Friday only or whether his testimony would continue
on Monday, Joris replied that it would be Friday and possibly until Monday
morning for the examination in chief and then it would depend upon the accused
as to how long it would take.

Asked who would
be tomorrow's witness in the Milosevic case, Joris replied that tomorrow there
would be further crime-base witnesses.

Asked whether,
as reported, there would be a witness testifying this week regarding Racak,
Joris replied that he did not believe so, but he added that he would check
and get back to the media if he was mistaken.

According to
a journalist, Geoffrey Nice announced that this week the OTP Racak investigator
would testify. Asked if this was true, Joris replied that it would not happen
this week.