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Information médias et accréditation des journalistes (en anglais)

Goran Hadžic Initial Appearance – 25 July 2011- Media Information and Accreditation


Media Accreditation

Due to space limitations, all media representatives wishing to enter the court building on those days must submit an accreditation request.

> View Accreditation List

All applications must be submitted by 5PM on Sunday 24 July 2011.

Final accreditation information will be available online after 10AM on Monday 25 July 2011.

Two different types of accreditation will be provided to as many journalists as possible for:

A. access only to the lobby* of the Tribunal.

B. access to the lobby of the Tribunal and courtroom’s public gallery.
*Journalists who obtain accreditation to the lobby will be able to follow proceedings live on screens. They will not be able to go to the public gallery of the courtroom.

Collection of Accreditation

Accreditation must be collected between 12PM and 2PM on Monday 25 July at the Tribunal’s main entrance. Journalists are advised to keep the accreditation ticket throughout their stay.

Court Building Media Facilities

The Tribunal’s lobby will be equipped with work spaces, power outlets and WiFi. There are no public phones.

Television and Radio

No filming is allowed inside the Tribunal. The filming of the court proceedings is carried out by the ICTY. Break out boxes for the live audio and video feeds will be available.

 SNG Trucks

Limited space is available in the vicinity of the Tribunal’s building for SNG trucks. The Tribunal does not issue accreditations for SNG trucks and spaces are taken on a “first come first served” basis. Trucks parked in non-designated area will be asked to move by local authorities.

Limited break out boxes for the audio and video feeds are available. However, media organisations must ensure that they have an adequate supply of cabling and power.

Security Procedures

Main Entrance

All persons entering the building are subject to security checks of their person and belongings. No one is permitted access to the building without complying fully with the requirements of the Tribunal's security officers. All members of the press have to present their press card and photographic identification as well as accreditation.

Access to the Tribunal's Lobby

Persons with accreditation to access the Tribunal’s lobby must remain within that area of the building. They will not be allowed into the public gallery of the Courtroom.

Access to Tribunal's Gallery

Once in the court building persons wishing to access the public gallery of the courtroom are required to pass through an additional security check. Persons will be required to carry specific accreditation. No electronic equipment whatsoever will be allowed in to the courtroom’s public gallery. Please do not carry mobiles, cameras or other such electronic devices.

It is possible to leave these items with the ICTY Security in the deposit boxes at the main entrance of the Tribunal. If you use ICTY storage, please plan for extra time to store your items and be reminded the Tribunal shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any items or equipment.

Proceedings Broadcast on Web

The hearing will be broadcast live on the Tribunal’s website
About courtroom broadcast

Proceedings on Satellite

The Tribunal will endeavour to place courtroom proceedings on Intelsat with the following coordinates:

Satellite name: Intelsat 907
DVB- PAL system
C band download frequency- 4109.809
FEC QPSK ¾ / B polarization (left circular)
Position 27.5 degrees west
Not encrypted - in the clear
Symbol rate – 1.384144
Audio – 2 channels, Stereo
  Please note the Tribunal can in no way guarantee this service and broadcasters are advised not to rely exclusively upon it.

  Court Formalities

The Presiding Judge is responsible for the dignity and decorum of the courtroom proceedings and may order that any person be removed from the public gallery at any time. The formal entry of the Judges of the Tribunal will be announced by an usher who will ask all present to rise. All present will stand and remain standing until after the Judges have taken their seats. A similar procedure will be followed at the close or any adjournment of the proceedings. Spectators are asked to remain standing until all Judges have left the courtroom.


The official languages of the Tribunal are English and French. All public proceedings can be followed in the courtroom gallery through the use of portable headsets in either: English, or French, as well as Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian.

For further information please contact:
ICTY Media Office
Tel: +31 70 512-8752; 512-5343; 512-5356
or email
press [at] (subject: Journalist%20Question%20on%20Mladic%20Trial) ()
ICTY Spokesperson - Nerma Jelačić
Tel: +31 70 512 5066
or email
jelacic [at] (subject: Journalist%20question%20on%20Mladic%20Trial) ()


A. Access only to the lobby of the Tribunal
(proceedings will be broadcast live on screens)
Last Name First Name Organisation 
Kranjc Svebor Reuters TV
Stehlik Martin Ceska Televize
van Weelden Hendrik Aljazeera English TV

B. Access to the lobby of the Tribunal and Courtroom Public Gallery

Last Name First Name Organisation 
Blairon Laurence AFP
Comiteau Lauren BBC/CBS/VOA/CBC/TIME
Delaunay Nicolas AFP
Dohrenbusch Wim ARD German Radio
Farkas Branimir HRT Croatian TV
Gallego Sonja Aljazeera English TV
Gray-Block Aaron Reuters News Agency
Harris Zoe Aljazeera English TV
Hennop Jan AFP
Hofmann Frank Deutsche Welle TV
Hrncirova Eva Ceska Televize
Ilic Ivan  Radio Television of Vojvodina
Klarin Mirko Sense News Agency
Ljubicanovic Maja Tanjug News Agency
Masdeu Jaume Catalunya Radio
Max Arthur Associated Press Agency
Novak Pavel Czech Radio
Petrovic Ivana NOVA TV Croatia
Ramanujam Archana Reuters
Sekularac Ivana Reuters News Agency
Tellechea Juan-Carlos CNN
van Vlastuin Evert Reformatorisch Dagblad Daily
Verfuss Thomas ANP
Vinkovic Tihomir HRT Radio
Wieten Jesse Xinhua News Agency
Zatterin Marco La Stampa

ICTY Media Office
Churchillplein 1, 2517 JW The Hague
Tel.: +31 (70) 512-8752; 512-5356; 512-5343
Fax: +31 (70) 512-5355
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