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Tribunal Welcomes the Arrest of Goran Hadžić

Press Release
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The Hague, 20 July 2011

Tribunal Welcomes the Arrest of Goran Hadžić


Goran Hadžić

The Tribunal welcomes today’s arrest of Goran Hadžić in Serbia, the last remaining fugitive who has been at-large for more than seven years.

Hadžić, former President of the self-proclaimed Republic of Serbian Krajina, was indicted in 2004 by the Office of the Prosecutor for crimes against humanity and war crimes allegedly committed in eastern Slavonia, Croatia, between 1991 and 1993.

Hadžić was the last remaining fugitive of the total of 161 persons indicted by the Tribunal.

Hadžić’s arrest marks another milestone in the Tribunal’s history and brings this institution closer to the successful completion of its mandate,” said Judge O-Gon Kwon, Acting President of the ICTY. “I am very proud of the many achievements the Tribunal has accomplished in the past 18 years and welcome the fact that we will be able to concentrate on the completion of our mandate with no fugitives remaining.

The Tribunal looks forward to Hadžić’s expeditious transfer from Serbia to The Hague, following the completion of relevant legal proceedings required by Serbian law.

After transfer of custody to the Tribunal, Hadžić will be detained pending his initial appearance before a judge. At the initial appearance, Hadžić will be given an opportunity to enter a plea to each of the charges brought against him in the indictment.

Although charged with grave crimes, Hadžić, like all other accused before the Tribunal, is presumed innocent until proven guilty. This is in accordance with the Tribunal’s Statute which guarantees the universally recognised right to a fair trial.


Goran Hadžić Case

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