Chambers Legal Support

The Registry employs numerous legal staff who assist the judges by conducting research on various issues in international criminal law, international human rights law and international humanitarian law.

In addition, legal staff help the judges in preparing and managing cases as well as processing evidence and documents submitted during trial. They also participate in the drafting of legal memoranda, decisions, and judgements. The judges and legal officers are also assisted by legal interns who are required to be, at a minimum, in their final year of law studies.

The President of the Tribunal also appoints a Chef de Cabinet and Deputy Chef de Cabinet, as well as a Head of Chambers. The Chef de Cabinet acts as the President’s advisor and operational focal person on all United Nations, diplomatic, political and administrative matters. The Deputy Chef de Cabinet assists the Chef de Cabinet in planning, organizing and coordinating activities within the Office of the President. The Head of Chambers acts as the principal legal advisor on legal issues arising across the Chambers.