In Focus

This section brings together a collection of multimedia materials that were developed to highlight particular topics connected to the ICTY’s work.

ICTY Legacy Dialogues

A series of events discussing the Tribunal's legacy and marking its closure

ICTY Legacy Conference

Conclusions and Recommendations

End of Impunity

ICTY Legacy Video.


A powerful film series produced by the Outreach Programme.

ICTY Remembers: The Srebrenica Genocide 1995-2015

A key resource to understand ICTY’s work on this “crime against all humankind”.

Infographic: Gender at the ICTY

Infographic: Gender at the ICTY

Information about gender equality in the workplace at the ICTY.


ICTY Timeline

A chronological overview of the Tribunal.

Crimes of Sexual Violence

Crimes of Sexual Violence

ICTY’s historic role in the prosecution of wartime sexual violence.

Paroles de victimes

Voice of the Victims

Personal stories courageously related by victims in court.

Aveux de culpabilité

Statements of Guilt

View and read guilty plea statements by ICTY accused.