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Final high school presentation of the year a great success

Vushtrri / Vučitrn, 5 June 2012

Today’s presentation in the north-eastern Kosovar city of Vushtrri / Vučitrn marked the end of the series high school lectures for this academic year in Kosovo. Nevertheless, the final days of school and the summery atmosphere in the classroom did not stop the 37 assembled students from listening attentively to the presentation, which lasted for more than two hours. 

Following the presentation, the students filled in questionnaires, where a majority of them evaluated both the presentation and presenter as excellent. Among the comments left by the students were: “This lecture was very positive as we broadened our knowledge about the ICTY, its functions and structure and the way cases are handled”, and “We often tend to forget things that happened in the past to our people, and such a presentation was therefore very welcome”.

As they filed out to begin enjoying the warm weather, the students were given specially-produced information packages and encouraged to visit the ICTY webpage and social media sites to learn more about the daily work of the Tribunal.