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Since the ICTY’s closure on 31 December 2017, the Mechanism maintains this website as part of its mission to preserve and promote the legacy of the UN International Criminal Tribunals.

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Outreach Articles Archive

Contributions to Justice in Transition

From autumn 2005 to autumn 2007 Outreach contributed a number of articles to Justice in Transition, a bi-monthly journal published by the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office. The journal was distributed to members of the Serbian judiciary, government representatives, NGO’s, international organisations and the diplomatic community and supported by the OSCE, the Open Society Fund and the US Department of Justice.

Note: The views expressed in these articles do not represent those of the Tribunal.No.1 - Oct.2005 - Facts about Srebrenica
No.2 - Dec.2005 - Facts about Foča
No.3 - Feb.2006 -
The Tribunal’s Accomplishments in Justice and Law
No.4 - Apr.2006 - Ethnic cleansing in Prijedor
No.6 - Oct.2006 - The Tribunal is Busier than Ever
No.7 - Dec.2006 - The Judgement Against Naser Orić
No.8 - Feb.2007 - Crimes Against Serbs in the Čelebići Camp
No.10 - Sep.2007 - Milan Lukić and Sredoje Lukić will be tried jointly at the ICTY

Contributions to Balkan

From late 2003 to early 2005, the Outreach Programme contributed a weekly commentary to Balkan, a Belgrade daily newspaper. The articles focused on Tribunal-related issues of particular relevance in Serbia and Montenegro, aiming to contribute to ongoing discussions and debates about the ICTY and broader initiatives concerning facing the past, justice and truth.

Note: The articles and headlines listed below are reproduced as carried in the newspaper and do not represent the views of the Tribunal.

02.02.2005 - The only one indicted for commanding
26.01.2005 - Tribunal hands down second genocide conviction
19.01.2005 - Local courts to continue the Tribunal’s work
22.12.2004 - Hundreds of people burned alive in their homes
15.12.2004 - Politicians and Media More Interested in Accused than Victims
08.12.2004 - Prison and 100.000 Euros for revealing witness' identity
01.12.2004 - Accused Defy Justice, and Authorities Allow It
24.11.2004 - SDS badge affixed to the forehead of the one beaten to death
17.11.2004 - Llapushnik Camp Victims Deserve Justice
10.11.2004 - Interfering with witnesses is against the law
03.11.2004 - Milošević Still Defends Himself, But His Counsel Is "In Reserve"
27.10.2004 - Borovčanin is one of the Beara's "comrades"
20.10.2004 - Beara Sought Reinforcements For Executions in Srebrenica
13.10.2004 - No Excuse for Killing and Torturing Civilians
06.10.2004 - Why Arrest Ratko Mladić?
29.09.2004 - Finnish prisoner Furundžija granted early release
22.09.2004 - Witnesses boycott Tribunal and avoid responsibility
15.09.2004 - The right to self-defence is not absolute
10.09.2004 - Croats celebrated, only Blaškić shows remorse
02.09.2004 - "Knights" and military police were not under Blaškić's control
28.07.2004 - Hadžić indicted for crimes against civilians
21.07.2004 - The Truth Always Finds a Way to Reveal Itself
14.07.2004 - Crimes in Srebrenica, the Guilt Lies with Individuals
07.07.2004 - Crimes Characterized by Ruthlessness and Savagery
30.06.2004 - Out of 102 indictees, only Milošević and Šešelj are defended by themselves
23.06.2004 - Milošević has to defend himself on all counts of the indictment
16.06.2004 - The Hague witnesses need help and support
09.06.2004 - Serbian media even criticised the indictment against Norac
02.06.2004 - Trial Against Mirko Norac
26.05.2004 - Fair and Impartial Indictments
19.05.2004 - Judiciary Without a Witness Protection System 
12.05.2004 - Why Cooperate with The Tribunal?
05.05.2004 - Massacre at Mount Vlasic
28.04.2004 - "Horror film" in Visegrad
21.04.2004 - The crime in Srebrenica was planned
14.04.2004 - "Now we can colour Bratunac blue"
07.04.2004 - They allegedly carried out the ethnic cleansing plan
24.03.2004 - Heritage destruction
17.03.2004 - Indictments against generals Čermak and Markač
10.03.2004 - Justice for the Victims of "Ovcara"
03.03.2004 - 150 days for Milosević' s defense
26.02.2004 - Who kills on behalf of the citizens of Serbia
18.02.2004 - Witnesses given every support testifying before the ICTY
11.02.2004 - Simić felt remorse and regret
05.02.2004 - Krajišnik exercise all his rights
28.01.2004 - Tribunal indictment against the KLA
21.01.2004 - On communication restrictions for Milošević and Šešelj
14.01.2004 - The truth about the indictment against Pavković, Lazarević, Lukić, and Đorđević
08.01.2004 - Siege of Sarajevo endangered civilians
26.12.2003 - Cooperation is a bilateral process
17.12.2003 - Provisional release
10.12.2003 - The Tribunal and national courts as partners
03.12.2003 - Debates on guilty pleas
26.11.2003 - Local and military law familiar with command responsibility doctrin