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Albanian version of the Manual on Developed Practices now available online

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The Hague, 17 April 2012

Albanian version of the Manual on Developed Practices now available online


The Tribunal has launched the Albanian electronic version of the ICTY Manual on Developed Practices on its website. The Manual is aimed at preserving the Tribunal’s legacy and supporting domestic judiciaries, particularly those in the region of the former Yugoslavia, in the prosecution of international crimes. The translation of the Manual into Albanian was made possible through the generous donation of the Swiss government.

The Manual, which is the result of a joint effort of the Tribunal and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), is the first publication that provides a comprehensive description of the operating practices developed at the ICTY since its establishment.

Commenting on the value of the Manual, Ambassador Claude Wild, Head of the Human Security Division at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: “War crimes and crimes against humanity affect real people in everyday life in their communities. This is as true in Kosovo as elsewhere in the region of former Yugoslavia where the wounds of war have been slow to heal. The translation of ICTY Manual into Albanian will assist the local courts in Kosovo to come to terms with this legacy by establishing facts and ending impunity.”

Mr. Lavdim Krasniqi, Director of the Kosovo Judicial Institute, said: "The implementation of international criminal law in Kosovo presents significant challenges. The Manual is a valuable source of information for judges, prosecutors, candidate judges and other professionals in the field of law in Kosovo and will be an important tool for the Kosovo Judicial Institute when providing specialised training programmes.”

The Manual covers the full scope of the Tribunal’s work, ranging from investigations to the enforcement of sentences, while also discussing judgement drafting, management of the Detention Unit and legal aid policies, as well as a range of other judicial support issues.

The English and B/C/S version of the Manual was launched in May 2009. The Albanian version of the Manual, will soon be followed by a Spanish edition.



ICTY Manual on Developed Practices


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