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Appeals Chamber to Deliver Judgement against Milomir Stakic

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The Hague, 20 March 2006


The Appeals Chamber will deliver its judgement in the case against Milomir Stakic, the leading political figure in the Bosnian municipality of Prijedor in 1992, on Wednesday, 22 March 2006 at 2.15 pm in Courtroom I.

The Trial Chamber convicted Milomir Stakic, the former President of the Prijedor Municipal Assembly, of responsibility for murdering, exterminating, persecuting, and deporting non-Serbs in Prijedor in 1992. The Trial Chamber held Milomir Stakic responsible for more than 1,500 killings and identified 486 victims by name. For these crimes the Trial Chamber sentenced him to life
imprisonment, the maximum penalty.

The crimes the Trial Chamber convicted Milomir Stakic of took place after the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) took over the Prijedor municipality on the 29-30 April 1992. The Trial Chamber found that this was an illegal coup d'etat, which had been planned and coordinated for months, and which had as its final goal the creation of a Serbian municipality eventually to form part
of an envisaged pure Serbian state.

The Trial Chamber found that non-Serbs were persecuted in a campaign in the Prijedor municipality in 1992. This campaign of persecutions included mass killings in the Omarska, Keraterm and Trnopolje camps, in Bosnian Muslium towns and villages throughout the municipality, and on Mount Vlasic. It also included rapes, sexual assaults and beatings in the camps. As least 20,000
non-Serbs either fled Prijedor or were deported.

Milomir Stakic is one of 14 accused convicted of crimes committed in Prijedor. The other 13 are the following:

Predag Banovic, sentenced to 8 years imprisonment;

Radoslav Brdjanin, sentenced to 32 years imprisonment;

Damir Dosen, sentenced to 5 years imprisonment;

Dragan Kolundzija, sentenced to 3 years imprisonment;

Milojica Kos, sentenced to 6 years imprisonment;

Miroslav Kvocka, sentenced to 7 years imprisonment;

Darko Mrdja, sentenced to 17 years imprisonment;

Dragoljub Prcac, sentenced to 5 years imprisonment;

Biljana Plavsic, sentenced to 11 years imprisonment;

Mladjo Radic, sentenced to 20 years imprisonment;

Dusko Sikirica, sentenced to 15 years imprisonment;

Dusko Tadic, sentenced to 20 years imprisonment;

Zoran Žigic sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.


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