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Celebici trial date set for 28 January 1997

Press Release

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The Hague, 17 December 1996

Celebici trial date set for 28 January 1997

Trial Chamber II confirmed today that the joint trial of the four accused in the Celebici Indictment will commence on 28 January 1997.

The four accused - Zejnil DELALIC, Zdravko MUCIC, Hazim DELIC and Esad LANDZO - are charged with committing serious violations of international humanitarian law at the Celebici detention camp in the Konjic municipality of Bosnia and Herzegovina between the Spring and Autumn of 1992.

Their alleged crimes, which were committed against Bosnian Serb victims from the Konjic region, include murder, rape of female detainees, torture, beatings and inhumane treatment.

DELALIC, MUCIC and DELIC are all charged with command responsibility under Article 7 (3) of the Tribunal Statute. According to the indictment, they had responsibility for the running of the camp and were in positions of superior authority to persons working there. They are accused of being aware that their subordinates were mistreating detainees and failing to either prevent or punish them.

DELIC is also or alternatively charged with individual responsibility, contrary to Article 7 (1). LANDZO is charged solely as an individual perpetrator, contrary to Article 7 (1).


The defendants were jointly indicted on Friday 22 March 1996, in the International Tribunal's first indictment dealing with Bosnian Serb victims.

MUCIC was arrested by Austrian police in Vienna on 18 March 1996 and surrendered to the custody of the Tribunal at its request on 9 April 1996.

DELALIC was apprehended in Munich by German police on 18 March 1996 at the Tribunal's request and remanded into the custody of the Tribunal on 8 May 1996.

DELIC and LANDZO were both arrested in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Bosnian authorities on 2 May 1996 and were transferred to the Tribunal's Detention Unit with the assistance of IFOR.

Second Defence counsels have been assigned to the accused DELALIC and MUCIC at their request and in accordance with the amended Directive on Assignment of Defence Counsel, Article 16 of which permits the assignment of a second defence counsel in exceptional circumstances.

In decisions issued on 10 December 1996, the Registrar found that "exceptional circumstances exist to justify the assignment of a co-counsel, such as the complexity of the case

(. . .) as well as logistical problems in the preparation of the defence".

She thus decided to appoint Professor Eugene O'Sullivan to assist Ms. Edina Residovic in the case of DELALIC, and Ms. Mira Tapuskovic to assist Branislav Tapuskovic in the case of MUCIC.

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