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Djukic case - IT-96-20-T/update 1.

Press Release · Communiqué de presse

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The Hague, 14 March 1996


To date, General Djukic's Defense has filed two preliminary motions:

The first motion filed on 4 March 1996 petitioned Trial Chamber I to issue a request that the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina "formally suspends" its investigation of the accused and defers the case to the Tribunal. This motion also demands that all of the documents and property seized from the accused by the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina authorities be returned to
the Defense counsel.

Another motion filed on 14 March 1996 raised the following points: "Since the Prosecutor did not submit any request for deferral (...) proceedings against General Djukic are instituted both before the national court of the Bosnian-Croat Federation and before this Tribunal, which is not permissible." "The indictment against General Djordje Djukic contains (...) a
number of erroneous statements (...): Mr. Djordje Djukic is not a member of the Yugoslav Army (...) and neither has the rank of colonel-general. Mr. Djorde Djukic is lieutenant-colonel-general of the Republic of Srpska Army and not (...) of the Army of Bosnian Serbs, because in accordance with the Dayton Agreement Republic of Srpska has been recognized as such. Therefore, General
Djordje Djukic is a member of the Republic of Srpska Army and member of the Main Headquarters, holding the duty of the assistant commander for logistics, and not assistant commander for logistics of the commander Ratko Mladic."
"General Djordje within his scope of work, is not responsible for planning, preparation and execution of military operations of Bosnian Serbs in
Bosnia-Herzegovina, as stated in the indictment, because this is not within his competence."
"(...) In the territory of the former Bosnia-Herzegovina there was no form of occupation whatsoever, and neither of partial occupation, because in that territory there was a civil war with the elements of a religious war started and conducted by Muslims." "(...) General Djukic
has no duties in planning and preparation of the operations and military tactical tasks."
"(...) Prosecutor had the duty to state on what particular day and at what time and by whom bombing of civilian targets had taken place, what are the said civilian targets, because without these specific statements the indictment is completely ambiguous and is obviously raised without any

No preliminary motions were filed by the Prosecutor.

The first motion will be argued by both parties on Monday 25 March 1996 at 3 p.m. in a public hearing before Trial Chamber I.