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Djukic case - IT-96-20-T/update 2.

Press Release · Communiqué de presse

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The Hague, 25 March 1996


Two further preliminary motions were filed by General Djukic's defence counsel on 19 March 1996:

- The first requests that evidence against General Djukic is ruled inadmissible.

- The second requests General Djukic's release.

These motions bring to four the total number filed so far by General Djukic's lawyers, with the first two having been filed on 4 March and 14 March 1996, respectively.

The first motion of 18 March contends that evidence submitted by the Prosecutor on 14 March 1996 should be excluded under Rule 73 (iii) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence.

General Djukic's lawyers contend that the following five items submitted in evidence should not be admitted:

(a) "[A] scheme of the organizational structure of civilian and military set-up, as well as political organization of a political party" on the grounds that "[d]efense had no knowledge whatsoever as to who has drafted the above stated scheme" [and] "[t]he drafted scheme is completely erroneous and in it the civilian and military expression and authorities are mixed, as well as
competencies of the said authorities".

(b) "The opinion given about the data on the accused General Djukic" on the grounds that it "is erroneous, especially the part pertaining to his taking over of the duties in the Republic of Srpska Army, as well as regarding his duties and obligations within his official capacity".

(c) "The stated data about Mr. Radovan Karadzic and General Ratko Mladic and their alleged activities" on the grounds that "it is an impermissible manner for the actions of one accused to be linked with the position of third parties".

(d) "Translation of the statements made by General Djordje Djukic" to the police forces of Sarajevo after he was apprehended on the grounds that "such interrogation to which General Djordje Djukic was subjected can neither have taken place in his status of a witness or of the accused".

(e) "The submitted table schedule of alleged bombing of civilian targets and civilian population" on the grounds that it is given "without any designation as to who made this table and on the basis of what evidence. . . ."

In the second motion filed on 18 March, Messers Vujin and Fila, acting for General Djukic, petitioned Trial Chamber I for their client's release on the grounds that "the Prosecutor did not submit even one valid evidence for raising of the indictment" and that General Djukic's detention is therefore ungrounded. His release is also requested on the grounds of his ill-health.
The motion states that "General Djordje Djukic gives his world (sic) of an officer to appear always when summoned by the Tribunal. . . ."

A date has not yet been set for a hearing of the above motions.