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Erdemovic case : pre-sentencing hearing on 8 and 9 July 1996.

Press Release

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The Hague, 24 June 1996

Erdemovic case : pre-sentencing hearing on 8 and 9 July 1996.

The pre-sentencing hearing in the case of Drazen ERDEMOVIC will be heard on 8 and 9 July 1996 before Trial Chamber I, it was confirmed today during a status conference on the case.

Drazen ERDEMOVIC was the first person charged with involvement in the mass murder of civilians in or around Srebrenica in July 1995 to come into the Tribunal's custody. During his initial appearance on 31 May 1996, the accused, represented by Jovan BABIC, pleaded guilty to crimes against humanity for his part in the summary execution of hundreds of men aged between 17 and 60 years.

Witnesses for both the Prosecution and Defence will be heard during the pre-sentencing hearing, in accordance with Rule 100 of the Tribunal's Rules of Procedure and Evidence, which provides that both parties may submit to the Trial Chamber any relevant information that will assist it in determining an appropriate sentence.

Among the witnesses will be medical experts, who will testify as to the state of the accused's mental health. At least one of the Defence witnesses is expected to testify in camera.

Sentence will be pronounced by the Trial Chamber, in accordance with Rule 101, at a date yet to be confirmed. In determining the sentence, the Trial Chamber may be guided both by the seriousness of the crimes to which ERDEMOVIC has confessed and by his individual circumstances. It may, for example, take account of any mitigating circumstances, including significant co-operation with the Prosecutor; any aggravating circumstances; and sentencing policy in the former Yugoslavia.


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