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Goran Lajic returned to Germany.

Press Release · Communiqué de presse

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The Hague, 18 June 1996


Today, 18 June 1996, Goran LAJIC returned to Germany as a free person as a result of a decision taken on 17 June 1996 by Trial Chamber I , presided over by Judge Claude Jorda.

In reaching its decision, Trial Chamber I noted that "reasonable grounds have not been provided for believing that the accused currently being detained in the United Nations Detention Unit is actually the person named Goran Lajic referred to in the indictment (....)" It therefore ordered "that the accused Goran Lajic (...) be released immediately" . The order was made
without prejudice to the charges against the Goran LAJIC referred to in the indictment 'Sikirica and Others'.]

This decision followed a motion filed by the Prosecutor on 12 June 1996 in which he asked that the charges be dropped against this Goran LAJIC on the grounds that he is not the Goran LAJIC named in the indictment.